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Europe travel guide

Europe travel guide

For a relatively small continent, Europe is a huge vacation destination. It’s rich in culture and history – and the food and wine is some of the best in the world!

Europe: In brief

About: Europe covers about 3,930,000 sq. miles (10,180,000 sq. km)

Population: 747.7 million (in 2020)

Countries in Europe: 44 countries (according to the UN)

Smallest country: Vatican City – yes, the Vatican City in Rome is its own sovereign city-state and country

Languages: 24 official languages, with the most common languages being English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Dutch and Russian

5 European highlights

European highlights

1) Porto (Portugal):

Is Porto worth visiting? Absolutely! (Especially if you read our tips on how to avoid the crowds)

2) Dresden (Germany):

Ogle museum treasures and tour opulent palaces. Bicycle the Elbe River. And go beer hopping. There’s lots to do in Dresden in 2 days.

3) Mallorca (Spain):

From hiking donkey trails and admiring Palma’s Gothic cathedral to swimming in idyllic coves, we loved all the fabulous things to do in Mallorca.

And we loved all the enchanting places to stay in Mallorca. (Don’t miss bedding down in a countryside finca!)

4) Split (Croatia):

“Where is Diocletian’s Palace?” visitors often ask when in Split. Shopkeepers laughingly reply, “You’re in it!” The ruins of this 1,700-year-old palace are the beating heart of the inner city.

5) Baden-Baden (Germany):

There’s an art to bathing naked in the co-ed Friedrichsbad. The spa elevates the simple act of getting clean into a decadent three-and-a-half hour ritual.

5 Famous landmarks in Europe:

1) Eiffel Tower in Paris

2) Leaning Tower of Pisa in Italy

3) Alhambra in Granada, Spain

4) Catherine Palace in St. Petersburg, Russia

5) Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, Germany

Top countries in Europe to visit

(Find information on Greece and Turkey under our Mediterranean section.)

Where to stay in Europe?

See our post on our favorite romantic hotels in Europe.

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