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10 Best Things to Do in Puerto Pollensa, Mallorca

There’s lots to love about Mallorca, Spain’s largest island.

It effortlessly combines the best of both worlds – palm-studded Mediterranean beaches, lapped by bright blue waters, plus a heart full of rich Spanish and Catalan culture.

We love Mallorca so much that we recently returned from our second lengthy trip to the island. This time, we spent three weeks exploring Mallorca, starting with several days in the seaside resort town of Puerto Pollensa. 

Puerto Pollensa stands out as one of the best places to stay in Mallorca for beach lovers. But it’s also a hotspot and gateway for experiencing other activities that go beyond the beach.

If you’re looking for somewhere to kick back and chill for a few days – with lots of visitor amenities and some fun excursions – definitely add Puerto Pollensa to your Mallorca itinerary

Here’s our guide on the best things to do in Puerto Pollensa.

Pine-fringed beach in Puerto Pollensa, Mallorca
With pine-fringed beaches, boat excursions and lots of great restaurants, Puerto Pollensa is a top choice for a seaside vacation in Mallorca

About Puerto Pollensa

Bay of Pollensa
Bay of Pollensa

So where is Puerto Pollensa?

It’s located on Mallorca’s northern coastline, hugging the horseshoe-shaped Bay of Pollensa.

You’ll see it spelled many different ways – including Port de Pollensa and Port de Pollenca. (Pollenca is the Catalan spelling and also the spelling favored by the British. Pollensa is the Spanish spelling.) 

You’re never far from a chain of beaches, peppered with pointy thatched palapas – the town hugs the coast in a strip about five blocks deep.

It’s an easy place to walk around in.

A foot and cycle path stretches around the entire bay. And most of the tourist-focused restaurants, shops and some hotels are located on the pedestrian promenade along a part of the bay.

Restaurants line the seafront promenade in Puerto Pollensa
Restaurants line the seafront promenade along the bay in Puerto Pollensa

Now, Puerto Pollensa does feel quite touristy. It’s a popular Mallorca vacation destination with Brits, in particular.

It feels more touristy than, say, the town of Soller in the Serra de Tramuntana mountains. (We personally like Soller a lot because of all the fabulous hiking it offers.)

But if you love sandy beaches with calm waters for swimming, Puerto Pollensa offers this in spades. And, if you look, you can always find a hidden beach or quiet cove where you can enjoy the Spanish sunshine.

Best things to do in Puerto Pollensa, Mallorca

1) Enjoy the beaches in Puerto Pollensa

Beach along the Pine Walk, Puerto Pollensa
Albercutz Beach (Platja d’Albercutx) along the Pine Walk

When you visit Puerto Pollensa, the first thing you’ll want to do when you arrive is head to the beach, right?

The main beach is buzzy Platja del Port de Pollensa. This one-mile stretch of sandy beach is located a little south of the marina. 

You’ll find lots of beach chairs for rent. The cost is about 15 Euros ($16 USD) for two chairs and a palapa or umbrella.

As it’s right in the heart of town, the golden sand beach is busy, especially in the peak summer months.

If you’re looking for quieter Pollensa beaches, walk around Puerto Pollensa Bay in a northeasterly direction towards Platja d’Albercutx. 

Unwinding and soaking up the sun on the beach is one of the top things to do in Puerto Pollensa. Maybe enjoy a sangria at one of the many beach cafés – and take in the marvelous views of the foothills of the Serra de Tramuntana mountain range in the distance.

2) Walk the Pine Walk

A couple of young women stroll the Pine Walk in Puerto Pollensa.
Strolling the Pine Walk is a must-do in Puerto Pollensa

Mallorca in general is an excellent place for outdoor activities, and Puerto Pollensa is no exception. 

For a quick, easy and oh-so-scenic seaside walk, the Pine Walk is, as the name suggests, a walkway that meanders under the shade of conifer trees.

It’s about a 20-minute walk along the pedestrian waterfront promenade from the Puerto Pollensa town center to Hotel Illa D’Or (where we stayed – covered below), near the north end of Puerto Pollensa Bay.

You’ll pass D’Albercutz Beach (D’Albercuix Beach) on the way.

3) Boat trip to Formentor

Cap Formentor Lighthouse
Cap Formentor Lighthouse

Formentor is a magnificent rugged peninsula jutting out into the sea from the northern side of the Bay of Pollensa, pointing towards the island of Menorca some 50 miles away. 

It culminates in the cliffs of Cap de Formentor, site of the Formentor Lighthouse. 

The cliffs drop down to Formentor Beach, a gorgeous little cove with mountain views. There’s also an island, called (you guessed it!) Formentor Island, close to the shore – complete with a cave. 

Platja de Formentor
Platja de Formentor

You can drive to the Formentor area – it’ll take you around 20 minutes. But from June 1st to the end of September, car access is limited. 

So our favorite way to access Cap de Formentor in the summer months? By boat!

Taking a boat tour to see Cap Formentor’s 1,300-foot-high coastline from the turquoise water is a treat. 

And since you’re on holiday, treats are a must. You have three options:

Formentor Boat Trips

Speedboat tour

Zip away from Puerto Pollensa on this fun speedboat tour to admire the views of Cap de Formentor and stop at the mysterious cave on Formentor Island.

An extended four-hour option also whisks you away to see the Formentor Lighthouse, and there’s a stop for a dip in the sea. This is one of the best Puerto Pollensa activities for sure!

Sailing trip with tapas and wine

This top-notch sailing adventure leaves from the Bonaire neighborhood in Alcudia, around a 15-minute drive from Puerto Pollensa. (Alcudia can also be reached by public bus from Puerto Pollensa.)

On a 45-foot sailboat, you’ll visit one or some of northern Mallorca’s best beaches (maybe Coll Baix, Cala Murta or Formentor).

Boat tripping is hungry work. So you’ll also dine on freshly made tapas (prawns, tortila de patatas, pimento de padron, baguettes with arugula, mozzarella, tomatoes and bacon-wrapped dates) – accompanied by wine, of course!

And when the boat drops anchor, you can jump into the water to go snorkeling or try stand-up paddleboarding (equipment provided).

Ferry ride

This third option is more utilitarian than luxurious, and you don’t get to see the whole Formentor Peninsula.

But if you’re in a no-frills kinda mood, this 20-minute ferry ride from Puerto Pollensa to Formentor Beach is just the ticket.

4) Hike to Cala Boquer

Hiking to Cala Boquer
George on our hike to Cala Boquer

Mallorca is made for hiking. One well-marked trail leads to the secluded beach cove of Cala Boquer.

You start this hike from the back of Port de Pollensa. It took us about 90 minutes to get there and just over an hour to return.

The route to Cala Boquer travels through beautiful scenery in a valley in the Serra de Tramuntana mountains (a UNESCO World Heritage Site).

The first half is fairly flat. But then it gets a little tricky – downhill on narrow goat paths over loose stones and around stubby bushes. Be sure to wear hiking or trail shoes.

Once we reached Cala Boquer, we realized why the goat paths were so worn. Two wild but very friendly goats made the rounds begging for food from us unsuspecting humans. We happily obliged!

A wild goat at Cala Boquer
One of the friendly wild goats at Cala Boquer

Bring a swimsuit with you, as Cala Boquer is an ideal place for a swim. 

5) Browse the shops of Pollenca town

What about Pollensa town, about a 15-minute drive inland from Puerto Pollensa? Is Pollensa worth visiting?

You bet!

Visitors stroll along one of Pollenca's historic streets.
Strolling along Pollenca’s historic streets

The old town of Pollensa (Pollenca) was conquered time and time again throughout the centuries. 

The Romans first settled in the town around 125 BC (giving it the name Pollentia), and today you can still visit the Roman Bridge on the outskirts. Pollensa was also invaded by the Moors and the Jesuits, among others. 

As a result, the town’s ancient architecture is a hodgepodge of different historical styles. 

Then in the early part of the 20th century, a colony of artists, writers and musicians discovered the inspiring beauty of the area (its beaches and Mallorca’s Tramuntana mountain range) – and settled in! 

Walk the narrow streets, grab a coffee in the main square and admire the historic architecture as you go. Also pop into the various boutique shops and art galleries. 

Other things to do in Pollenca town include visiting the local museum and browsing the popular Sunday morning market. 

6) Climb the Calvari steps in Pollenca

Calvari Steps in the town of Pollensa, Mallorca
Climbing up and down the Calvari Steps

A set of stairs ascends up Calvari Hill and walking up them is something everyone must do in Pollensa. 

Supposedly, there are 365 – one for each day of the year – although we counted 410. (Or maybe it just felt like way more than 365!)

Us, hot and sweaty – at the top of the Calvari Steps

While it’s quite the climb in the muggy heat, the steps are shallow and there are plenty of places to rest en route to take in the view. 

There are also 14 crosses which represent Christ’s journey to Golgotha, where he was crucified. 

7) Chill at Cala San Vicente

Kick back at Cala San Vicente, Puerto Pollensa’s smaller quieter cousin.

As it’s just over three miles away, you can walk there. And it’s quite a pleasant hike if you do it in the morning before the heat of the day.

Bring your swimsuit, as Cala San Vicente is home to three gorgeous beaches. 

Calla Barque is the biggest beach. Cala Molins, a sand bar with views of Cap de Formentor, is our favorite beach. And Cala Carbo is a tiny pebble beach in front of luxury hotels, shops and restaurants. 

We recommend hiking to Cala San Vicente, cooling off in the ocean at Cala Molins and taking the #321 bus back. (The buses are very reliable on Mallorca, and we used the public bus to get around when not doing tours.)

The bus in Puerto Pollensa
We found the buses very reliable in Puerto Pollensa (unlike the taxis)

8) Visit Alcudia Old Town

Like the town of Pollenca, Alcudia, is another medieval gem. Wrapped in 13th-century charm, its ancient walls and the smallest Roman ampitheater in Spain beckon.

For history buffs and architecture buffs, visiting Alcudia is one of the best day trips from Puerto Pollensa. 

It’s accessible from Puerto Pollensa by bus, and the ride takes about 10 minutes.

Alcudia is full of charm - medieval walls, cobblestone streets and lots of outdoor restaurants and cafés.
Alcudia is full of charm, with medieval walls, cobblestone streets and lots of outdoor restaurants and cafés

One suggestion: Visit Alcudia in the late afternoon, then enjoy dinner and drinks before heading back to Puerto Pollensa. (Sa Portassa serves great tapas and has an idyllic courtyard.)

9) Watch dolphins 

What’s better than a beach vacation in Mallorca? A Mallorca beach vacation with dolphins, of course! 

Dolphins thrive in the wild around Puerto Pollensa, Alcudia and Cap Formentor, thanks to a rich buffet of seafood that dolphins love (including fish and squid), warm clear waters and a mix of deep and sheltered areas. The best time to spot dolphins in Mallorca is from May to October.

Several dolphin watching boat trips leave from the Puerto Pollensa area.

Puerto Pollensa dolphin watching boat trips

This sunrise boat trip from Alcudia starts your day in the best possible way – seeing dolphins in their natural habitat when they’re the most active.

Or, if you’re not a morning person, check out this dolphin watching boat trip from Can Picafort (close to Puerto Pollensa), where you can head to some of the dolphin’s favorite hangouts, go swimming and even visit a nearby cave. What a great day out!

10) Try SUP

Being right inside a horseshoe bay, Puerto Pollensa is ideal for stand-up paddleboarding. Generally, the waters are calmest in the morning. 

Mallorca SUP offers paddleboard rentals and lessons.

They also offer sunrise tours to La Fortaleza – a fortress that has been featured in the TV series “The Night Manager,” “White Lines” and “The Lioness.”

Where to eat in Puerto Pollensa

Restaurant square in Puerto Pollensa, Mallorca
Puerto Pollensa restaurant square

You can’t go wrong with Mallorcan food – think tasty tapas, fresh seafood and locally grown vegetables from the foothills of the Tramuntana Mountains.

The following are three excellent restaurants in Puerto Pollensa that we enjoyed:

Mol de Bellagio

A small restaurant that spills out to an inside courtyard, Mol de Bellagio is a wonderful Italian-style eatery serving homemade pasta. We dined on the sweet potato gnocchi with pork cheeks.

No. 31 Restaurant

A family-owned restaurant run by a young couple using locally sourced products, this restaurant had the misfortune of opening in March 2020 – and we all know what happened then!

Luckily, their eatery survived the pandemic, thanks to the support of British expats who live in the town.

Wine on a candle-lit table at No. 31 Restaurant, Puerto Pollensa, Mallorca
Our wine has arrived at No. 31 Restaurant

Tucked away from the main restaurant area, No. 31 Restaurant is like stumbling upon a delicious secret. 

Its simple garden setting with candle-lit tables puts the focus on the food. 

Order the creamy burrata salad with sun-dried tomatoes and basil oil, or the clams in a coconut, lemongrass and coriander sauce to start. Then split the tender shoulder of lamb – it’s big enough for two.

Prices are reasonable and the Mediterranean food is fresh and delicious.

Abbaco Natural Food & Sushi

For something fresh, healthy and different, head to Abbaco Restaurant. It’s getting a name in Puerto Pollensa for its fusion cuisine and healthy alternative food. 

We loved the humus with veggie sticks, gyozas, deep-fried prawns in satay sauce and fresh sushi rolls with cucumber and tuna tataki – all delicious!

Where to stay in Puerto Pollensa

Hotel Illa D’Or

Hotel Illa D'Or sunbathing terrace
Hotel Illa Dor sunbathing terrace

We stayed at this elegant hotel, which always comes first on lists of the top hotels in Puerto Pollensa – and it’s easy to see why. 

Hotel Illa D’Or is the most deluxe hotel in Puerto Pollensa. About a 15-minute walk from the Port Pollensa restaurants, it’s located on a quiet spot on the Pine Walk, which may explain why it caters to a mature clientele.

An elegant waterfront hotel, it has a large concrete platform that juts out into the sea, with loungers and umbrellas for shade.

Hotel Illa D'Or guestroom
Our room at Hotel Illa D’or

With excellent hospitality – and a theme of “old world” luxury – no stone is left unturned when it comes to customer service.

A highlight is the bountiful breakfast buffet, catering to every imaginable craving (the crepe station was our personal favorite!).

Two downsides to this Puerto Pollensa hotel? The Internet was poor for us (we were on the fourth floor). And the walls are a bit thin, so we could hear our neighbors (but nothing earplugs couldn’t solve for sleeping).

Hotel Illa D’Or: Check rates and availability

MarSenses Puerto Pollensa Hotel & Spa

MarSenses Puerto Pollensa Hotel & Spa is another one of the best hotels in Puerto Pollensa.

We popped into this adults-only hotel for a peek. With 116 rooms, it’s fairly sizeable, but as it’s built around a central courtyard pool, it still feels quite intimate.

Each room is a mini-suite (with a living/eating area and kitchenette).

It’s only a block away from the beach strip, and prices are about half of what you’ll find at Hotel Illa D’Or.

Mar Senses Puerto Pollensa Hotel & Spa: Check rates and availability

Can Auli Luxury Retreat

The best hotel in Pollensa town is the 5-star Can Auli Luxury Retreat. Housed in a 17th century manor, it weaves historical charm in with modern luxury. 

Its 21 stylish rooms come with sisal rugs on the stone floors, king beds and stone bathrooms with rain showers.

Can Auli guestroom
Can Auli guestroom (Credit: Can Auli Luxury Retreat)

The adults-only hideaway also offers a tranquil walled garden with a small pool for relaxing after a day out exploring.

You’d probably want to rent a car to get around if you stay at Can Auli. It was one reason why we decided not to stay here.

Can Auli Luxury Retreat: Check rates and availability

Weather in Puerto Pollensa: Best time to go?

The island typically enjoys great weather from May to mid-October. Not surprisingly, Mallorca’s busy season is summer.

Try to avoid the last week of May, the last week of July and all of August. This is when British schools are on vacation and when Puerto de Pollensa, along with the rest of Mallorca, is heaving with tourists! 

Everything pretty well shuts down in Puerto Pollensa come the end of October. So if you visit out of season (November to March), you’ll find a much quieter resort town.

It’ll be cooler in the low season (with highs reaching 60 F in January) and boat trips and watersports (which are among the best things to do in Port de Pollenca) won’t be offered. 

Puerto Pollensa or Alcudia?

In general, Puerto Pollensa is best for couples and adults without kids. And it feels a bit more sophisticated than Port Alcudia.

Port Alcudia, on the other hand, is a popular choice for families, particularly those with younger kids, as there are more family-friendly resorts. It even has a mini-waterpark in the sea! 

You can easily visit both on the same trip, however, as we did.

As a base to stay for a seaside vacation in Mallorca, we preferred Puerto Pollensa. 

That wraps up our guide on what to do in Puerto Pollensa!

A traditional Mallorcan beach town, Puerto Pollensa offers lots to see and do.

While we were also drawn to Soller (an ideal spot for hiking enthusiasts like us) and the cultural richness of Santanyi and Deia – towns we explored later during our trip – Puerto Pollensa was a great place to shake off jet lag and enjoy some beach time.

If your heart is set on soaking up seaside vacation vibes and iconic Mediterranean beaches, you’ll adore this Balearic beach town.

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Best things to do in Puerto Pollensa

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