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We currently travel with a soft-sided rolling carry-on bag each.

For bigger or longer trips, we also take a larger soft-sided wheeled suitcase, which we check on the plane.

Travel clothes

Snorkel skins to protect you from stingy things? Swimsuits for ladies that tuck in your tummy? Check out some of our essential travel clothes:

Travel accessories

For sun-and-sand fun, you’ll want to take the following with you:

Gear + gadgets

Charge your devices. Read on the go. Get connected. These nifty gadgets are essential for today’s savvy travelers.

Beauty + sun products

Of course, you want to look your best and protect your skin when traveling!

But you don’t need to lug a whole arsenal of products to do so. It’s all about packing smart.

Here are some of the beauty and sun-protection essentials we use when traveling.

Camera equipment

This is the camera equipment we use for our photography.

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Summer footwear for women:

Oooh! These are the best beach sandals! Find cute flip-flops, comfy water shoes and other great beach footwear. All for ladies.

Best Beach Sandals for Women

Summer footwear for men:

Check out the most comfortable and best flip-flops for men! Choose from lots of great brands, from Nike to Under Armour to Reef.

Travel sandals:

When traveling, you want the best travel sandals that are both stylish and comfortable. We’ve sussed out a whole collection of stylish and comfy travel sandals for both women and men.

Best earplugs for sleeping when traveling:

A light sleeper?

Does the slightest unfamiliar hotel noise wake you up or prevent you from falling asleep? Check out these great earplugs for sleeping when traveling (and at home).

Packing list for a tropical holiday

Heading to Maui or Kauai or other Hawaiian island?

See our ultimate Maui packing list, complete with 35 essential things you should take on your tropical holiday.

What you need for the plane

Carry-On Essentials

You’ll want to take these carry-on travel essentials on the plane with you! From a collapsible water bottle to the best travel neck pillow to disposable toothbrushes (that don’t need water), we’ve got you covered.

Ready to book your trip?

See the following helpful services:

Our Travel Resources Guide | Get airline booking tips. Discover great travel, tour and car rental companies. And find crazy useful trip planning info! | Score a “wow” hotel – or at least a decent one.

GetYourGuide | Check out local guided tours and book tickets to attractions.

Our Travel Shop | Find the best travel gear.

CDC | We follow CDC travel guidelines to see what medications and vaccinations are needed for trips. You can get vaccines at your pharmacy, travel medical clinic or doctor’s office.

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