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Best travel sandals for the beach, city and adventure

Please only travel when it’s safe to do so.

Apart from travel, if there’s one other thing I know really well – it’s shoes!

The big challenge, though, is finding a pair that’s both fashionable and comfy.

We prefer traveling to places where it’s warm – like Europe (when it’s short-sleeves weather) and sun-and-sand destinations (hello Cabo San Lucas!).

And I’m always on the hunt for the best travel sandals for women and men – because your partner should look good too, right?

Shopping for the Best Travel Sandals

I’m talking stylish.

But also comfortable sandals for travel you can actually walk in without getting blisters (because sore feet aside, hobbling doesn’t look good).

And in case you can’t tell, it’s me, Janice, writing this post :-).

Best travel sandals for women and men

Best Travel Sandals for Women and Men

Lately I’ve been shopping on Amazon. It’s a Pandora’s Box for shoeaholics.

I love that you get fast delivery if you’re a Prime member (along with good TV shows!) plus free easy returns – it’s a hassle-free way to shop.

I’ve checked out literally hundreds of sandals lately.

You’re sure to love the following 18 stand-out styles of travel sandals for men and women – along with the big bonus section of additional cute picks.

Here’s to happy traveling – and stylish happy feet!

Pssst! Prices shown are in US dollars. And as an Amazon associate, we earn a commission on qualifying purchases, at no extra cost to you.

Hey, looking for cute beach footwear for women?

Check out the best beach sandals and flip-flops!

Best women’s travel sandals

Best Travel Sandals for Women

Let’s start with the best travel sandals for women…

1) ECCO Flowt Strap Sandal (Walking)

ECCO makes some of the best walking sandals for women

A Danish shoe manufacturer, ECCO makes some of the best walking sandals for women.

It’s my go-to brand, and I’m a great ECCO fan. I have narrow feet, and ECCO is the one brand that usually always fits well. Without fail, I find their shoes and sandals to be comfortable and long-lasting.

These ECCO Flowt Strap sandals come with soft leather uppers and a cushy microfiber foot bed. The sole is light and flexible, but thick and durable.

You can easily get in a couple of miles of walking (or more) in these city sandals!

The neutral colors (light brown, warm grey, black, etc.) are versatile and easily go with most everything.

Sold on Amazon for under $130

2) Sofft Women’s Mirabelle (City and dressy)

Some of the best travel sandals for women are these Sofft Miraballe sandals

I love the look of these leather Sofft Women’s Mirabelle sandals.

They’re quite elegant! You could wear them in Paris or New York City and not feel out of place.

Color options? Gold, black, denim, “luggage” (featured above) and other neutrals.

Sold on Amazon for under $90

If buying from Canada, it’s cheaper to shop on the U.S. Amazon site above than on the Canadian site

3) Blowfish Granola Fisherman (Casual)

Here’s a youthful-looking sandal that doesn’t break the bank.

The Blowfish Granola Fisherman sandal has a criss-cross strap design with faux leather uppers and a lightly-cushioned, faux cork sole.

I probably wouldn’t wear them for long walks, however (they don’t look like they’re designed for that).

Sold on Amazon for under $40

4) Plaka Flat Summer Seashell (Beach and casual)

Aren’t these darling? I just love Plaka sandals!

Handwoven, with stretchy braided straps to fit your feet, they scream “summer.”

Go for a walk. Step out for an evening under the stars on a sidewalk café or resto. Hang out by the pool. These Plaka Flat Summer Seashell sandals can take you there.

The price is right, too. So go ahead, treat yourself and pick two pairs. Perhaps one in red, turquoise and gold for a bit of sass and the other in solid brown or black?

Pssst! They’re perfect for narrow to medium-size feet. But give these a miss if you have wide feet.

Sold on Amazon for under $35

If buying from Canada, it’s cheaper to shop on the U.S. Amazon site above than on the Canadian site

5) Naot Sabrina Flat Sandal (Walking)

Hello cobblestone streets! In these Naot Sabrina Flat sandals, you can walk anywhere without worrying about sore feet.

The Naot brand actually started in an Israeli kibbutz back in 1942.

And like ECCO (see #1), Naot is known for making shoes that cradle your feet.

These sandals are hand-crafted, and the anatomic cork footbed with a suede lining is designed like a footprint – so they mold to the shape of your foot.

This Sabrina style is very feminine-looking too.

The two-tone color combinations are really cute – from olive-and-latte to black-and-brown. There’s also a silver-and-white metallic pair if you want something a little dressier.

Sold on Amazon for under $140

6) Teva Tirra Athletic (Adventure)

If you need a pair of waterproof sandals for watersports or a “wet” hike, look no further than Teva – they’ve captured the market in sandals for outdoor adventure.

The Teva Tirra Athletic sandals have grippy rubber soles (to help prevent slipping when fjording streams, for example). The straps around the ankle and across the toes are adjustable and close with velcro.

You can get them in grey-and-white, royal blue, “plum truffle” and many other colors.

Said to be some of the best walking sandals for travel (especially adventure travel), women just plain love them for getting out and about in the great outdoors. See umpteen rave reviews here.

Sold on Amazon for under $80

7) Taos Trulie (Casual)

Taos is another brand known for making super comfortable women’s sandals.

Made in Spain, these Taos Trulie leather sandals have a lightweight polyurethane-cork sole with enhanced arch support. The footbed is lined in suede. Easy to put on, they feature woven hook straps that close with velcro.

They come in several colors. But because I’m a neutral kind of gal, I’d personally go for the grey (featured below) or stone color.

Size up if you’re in between sizes, as they run on the shorter not longer side for most women.

Sold on Amazon for under $160

If buying from Canada, it’s cheaper to shop on the U.S. Amazon site above than on the Canadian site

8) Birkenstock Gizeh (Casual)

Can you believe it? I have four pairs of Birkenstock Gizeh sandals in different colors – silver, grey, bronze and brown. Plus I have another pair of Birkenstocks in a pale greeny suede leather. Enough, right?

I get the most use out of the metallic silver ones though, which look great with both casual daytime clothes and dressier capris and skirts.

A German brand, Birkenstock has been making shoes for more than a century.

You see them everywhere. By the pool. In Starbucks’ coffee shops. On the cobblestone streets of Europe.

You simply can’t beat their supremely comfortable cork footbed (with lots of arch support).

One of my pairs is marked “N” for narrow. It fits my narrow feet better than the usual medium (which is most common).

But the narrows are hard to find. Grab a pair if you come across them!

Sold on Amazon for under $125

9) Naot Kayla Wedge Sandal (Walking)

The Naot Kyla Wedge sandal has three straps across the front of the foot and a wedge heel, about 1½ inches high (off the ground).

It offers excellent arch support, and the more you wear them, the more the cork footbed conforms to your feet. They come in regular and wide widths.

You can find these sandals in a host of solid pretty colors, from rose gold to steel grey to a patent black leather.

(Hmmm… Now that I see the black patent leather ones, I’m going to seriously consider ordering a pair of these!)

Sold on Amazon for under $140

If buying from Canada, it’s cheaper to shop on the U.S. Amazon site above than on the Canadian site

10) Flexx Band Together (Dressy)

Flexx Sandals T-Strap for Ladies

Dance, kick up your heels, stand up all night – these Flexx Band Together sandals from Italy are oh-so-comfy!

Flashing a gladiator look, they come in different colors (red, black, blue, etc.).

I have them in a silvery palatino color. They perk up an outfit when I’m dressing up a bit for evening.

I should mention they come on the narrow side, so they probably wouldn’t suit a wide foot.

Sold on Amazon for under $125

11) Skechers Slim-Vacay (Beach and adventure)

Skechers is a shoe brand known for making good quality but affordably priced products. And since launching in 1992, their shoes have only gotten better in design, construction and fit.

These Skechers Slim-Vacay sandals are lightweight and comfortable for casual walking. They come in four colors – taupe-and-aqua, blue, black and a chocolate color with purple-and-peach accents.

They have memory foam so the sole molds to your feet over time. However, these sandals don’t have adjustable straps. So if you have narrow (or very wide) feet, they may not fit you.

Sold on Amazon for under $50

12) Clarks Saylie Moon Sandal (City and dressy)

Clarks Saylie Moon Sandals

Clarks are another dependable brand of comfort footwear.

The leather uppers of these Clarks Saylie Moon sandals are buttery-soft, and the cushioned sole offers good support. And they manage to look pretty and feminine at the same time!

Personally, I love the metallic pewter color. But the blush leather is also really sweet.

And black? Well, you can never go wrong with black.

Sold on Amazon for under $40

13) ECCO Flash T-Strap (Walking)

Made of soft leather, the ECCO Flash T-Strap sandal has a lightly cushioned sole. The dove grey is a great neutral summery color, but you can also order them in black or a powder-and-grey combination.

I have a similar model, and I can wear them all day.

These are sandals you can truly walk in – definitely tops on my list of best sandals for traveling!

Sold on Amazon for under $100

14) KEEN Whisper (Adventure)

I’ve never been all that keen (oh, bad joke!) on the looks of the KEEN sandals. I feel like a booby bird with big feet in them.

But I know many people swear by their KEENs. And I have to confess they are indeed extremely comfortable.

These KEEN Whisper adventure sandals are water-friendly and machine washable.

You’ll note the covered toe is great for protecting your tootsies. They’re perfect for hiking and kayaking – I’ve never gotten a blister from wearing my KEENs.

I just wish, sigh, they’d look prettier on my feet (they look better on other women whose feet aren’t as narrow as mine).

Sold on Amazon for under $70

15) OluKai Women’s Upena Gladiator (Casual)

OluKai Women's Upena Gladiator Sandals are great casual walking sandals for ladies

OluKai is a Hawaiian brand focusing on durability and comfort. With Hawaiian origins, the sandals are surfer-chic in style.

The straps in these OluKai Upena Gladiator sandals are adjustable via an antiqued metal buckle. Uppers are leather, the footbed is contoured and the outsole is rubber, with a traction grip (to prevent slipping).

They come in six different colors – sand, a darker golden sand, mustard-and-metallic-gold, black, coffee and my favorite, charcoal-and-pewter.

Sold on Amazon for under $90

If buying from Canada, it’s cheaper to shop on the U.S. Amazon site above than on the Canadian site

More comfortable sandals for women

Find many more women’s travel sandals here on Amazon.

Canadian? Want Shop on the Canadian site here!

Best Sandals for Men for Travel

Okay, now that we’ve got the ladies covered, let’s move on to the best men’s travel sandals.

And, sorry guys, there aren’t really quite as many options for you!

But we know that you, being manly and all, are really after function over form – and you just want something tried and true.

These three solid styles fit the bill.

1) ECCO Men’s Yucatan (City and adventure)

These men’s sandals will take you everywhere – from city sidewalks to mountain trails.

The ECCO Yucatan is a classic, with over 10 million pairs sold. Indeed, if you’re looking for the best men’s sandals for walking, you’d be hard-pressed to find something better.

They offer excellent arch support and cushioning, and the sole is designed for firm traction on all sorts of terrain. The nubuck leather uppers are also lined with neoprene for extra comfort.

They come with an anti-odour system too.

(I have the ladies’ version, and I can walk and walk and walk for miles in them, no prob!)

Sold on Amazon for under $130

2) KEEN Newport H2 (Adventure)

Best travel sandals for men? Lots of guys like the KEENs

Ahhh! The classic adventure water shoe. Airy like a sandal, but with the toe protection of a shoe. Hike, walk, kayak, climb over slippery rocks, kick around on a beach.

Whatever you get up to, the KEEN Men’s Newport H2 sandal will do the job. The toe box gives your tootsies lots of room; the soles are made to grip.

And when they need to be cleaned, just give them a good wash and they’ll look (almost) like new.

My husband George loves his KEENs – he has a nice pair of black ones he wears for dinner and another pair he uses for scuffing about.

Tip:  KEEN suggests you buy a half-size up.

Sold on Amazon from between $50 to $100 (depending on color)

3) Birkenstock Milano Unisex (City)

Birkenstock Milano Unisex sandals

Guys, if you plan to spend a lot of time on your feet, look at the Birkenstock Milano Unisex sandals.

The shape of the contoured cork footbed (with a deep heel cup and bump under the forefoot) is made to distribute your body weight evenly over the whole foot, giving optimal support.

It’s also designed to adjust and mold to the shape of your foot. The upper leather straps can be adjusted individually too.

These are well-crafted, hard-working sandals that look great!

Tip:  When buying, “M” refers to Men

Sold on Amazon for about $130

More comfortable men’s sandals

Also see more options for men’s travel sandals here on Amazon.

Canadian? Want Shop on the Canadian site here!

That’s it for now!

If you buy any of these travel sandals, let us know how they work for you. And if you have any suggestions for this list, please pass them along!

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Sandals are really comfortable. That is why I love my Birkenstocks. You don’t have to compromise comfort for style.

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