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Hotel reviews

Looking for the best hotels in the world?

Check out our honest hotel reviews of the hundreds of hotels we’ve stayed at!

We’re professional travel writers, and we only report on finds we really like – from charming B&Bs with loads of character to gorgeous overwater bungalows.

Hotel Reviews

Contents: Hotel reviews

Best hotels in the world – See our reviews of hotels in the following places:

  • St. Martin + St. Maarten
  • Bora Bora (French Polynesia)
  • Maui
  • Cabo San Lucas (Mexico)
  • Mykonos (Greece)
  • Kauai
  • Victoria (Canada)
  • Mallorca
  • Istanbul
  • Puerto Vallarta (Mexico)
  • Rhodes (Greece)
  • Sri Lanka
  • Bali
  • Venice (Italy)
  • Caribbean

Seriously wow hotels

Types of hotels – Find reviews of different types of hotels, from all-inclusive resorts to cave hotels to overwater bungalows

All our hotel reviews

Reviews of some of the best hotels around the world

We’ve done the research – so you don’t have to!

From Cabo to Mykonos, we’ve bedded down in the following great hotels, B&Bs and resorts:

Hotels, resorts and villas around the world

Wow! These hotels are seriously decadent

1) Want swank? Check out these 27+ luxury villa resorts with private pools

2) Take a peek at these 18 amazing hotel bathrooms!

3) Historic palaces in Venice? Riverside mansions in Hamburg? These are our favorite romantic hotels in Europe

What’s your hotel style?

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See all our hotel reviews

See all our hotel reviews.