Best Pueblo Bonito resort in Cabo San Lucas?

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Sun, sand, sea – and a good dose of luxury. Not unabashed luxury like at the One & Only Palmilla. Or the glam chic of The Cape, a Thompson Hotel. But enough comforts to classify as a 5-star resort (or at least an upscale one). We’re talking about the Pueblo Bonito brand of resorts in Mexico.

There are four Pueblo Bonito resorts in Cabo San Lucas.

And as frequent visitors to the trendy beach destination at the tip of the Baja Peninsula, we’re often asked:

What’s the best Pueblo Bonito resort in Cabo?

best pueblo bonito resort in cabo

The Pueblo Bonito Rose, lit up at night… photo by Pueblo Bonito Rose

We’ve stayed for a week each at each of the Pueblo Bonito Rose Resort & Spa and the Pueblo Bonito Los Cabos. And we’ve extensively toured the Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach Resort & Spa. (Yes, we were roped into a time-share presentation! But we also visited friends staying there too.)

The fourth Pueblo Bonito resort in Cabo – the Pacifica (where we’ve also stayed) – is a bit different. So we haven’t included it in this review of the best Pueblo Bonito resort in Cabo. (See here for our review on the all-inclusive, adults-only Pacifica property.)

best Pueblo Bonito resort in Cabo - Pacifica

Dinner for two on the beach? photo Pueblo Bonito Pacifica

As to the other three, here are our reviews (you’ll find our pick for best Pueblo Bonito resort in Cabo San Lucas at the end):

1.  Pueblo Bonito Los Cabos

Built in 1991, the Pueblo Bonito Los Cabos was the first of the four Pueblo Bonito resorts to be built in Cabo. Mediterranean-inspired, the gleaming white property is topped with blue tile cupolas.

Dubbed “Blanco” (to distinguish it from the Pueblo Bonito Rose next door), it has 148 ocean-view suites, from studios (called “junior suites”) to 1-bedroom units (with 1 or 2 bathrooms) to penthouse suites.


One-bedroom units come as both:

  • “master suites”
  • “luxury suites”
best Pueblo Bonito resort in Cabo

The bedroom in a one-bedroom suite at Pueblo Bonito Los Cabos

Master suites are corner units and are larger than luxury suites. The bedrooms don’t face the ocean, however (living rooms do though).

If you’re content with a luxury suite or junior suite, we like the ones on the second floor with the extra-large, private balconies – which effectively double your indoor/outdoor space. These are the only balconies in the resort big enough for reclining lounge chairs as well as other patio furniture.

Best Pueblo Bonito resort in Cabo - Pueblo Bonito Los Cabos

A beautiful sunrise – photo Pueblo Bonito Los Cabos

Best Pueblo Bonito resort in Cabo - Los Cabos

Such pretty rooms this hallway leads to…

Suites are pretty and soothing.

They’re decorated with white stucco walls, light blue decorative accents, big live potted palms and kitchen cabinets that are dark blue (for junior and luxury suites) or creamy yellow (for master suites). Beautiful cappuccino-colored marble floors are inlaid with white tiles, bordered with blue and yellow tiles in a wave pattern.

The Mediterranean meets Mexico:

Outside, koi and turtle pools and parakeet cages grace gardens on either side of the resort’s lobby doors opening onto the beach outside.

Best pueblo bonito resort in cabo

We think this is supposed to be a pink flamingo, though it looks more apricot to us

Two flamingos also reside here in the garden (we were surprised to see these two are apricot-colored, not pink).

Little arched bridges cross over a winding freeform swimming pool.

Beyond is the sparkling blue water of the sea and a roped off area on the beach for the resort’s umbrellas and chairs, lined up cozily side-by-side.

Best Pueblo Bonito resort in Cabo - pool at PB Los Cabos

Cool off in this meandering freeform pool at the Pueblo Bonito Los Cabos

best pueblo bonito resort in cabo

From this restaurant, you have views of the turquoise blue ocean


The Blanco is located right on Medano Beach, one of the best of the few swimmable beaches in Los Cabos.

For a change of scene, you have free use of the facilities at the Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach on the Pacific side – take the free shuttle bus from the Pueblo Bonito Rose to get there.

2.  Pueblo Bonito Rose

You almost expect toga-clad nobles to be padding about. The Pueblo Bonito Rose Resort & Spa is that Romanesque in feel. Marble busts of Roman emperors. Florentine columns. A tall statue of Neptune standing over a blue-tile reflecting pool.

But then, to mix it up a bit, the interior decorators hung Flemish tapestries on the walls of the marble-floor lobby.

Best Pueblo Bonito resort in Cabo - Rose

We took this photo of Pueblo Bonito Rose just as the sun rose, before guests staked out their beach chairs


Among the 260 suites are studios and 1-and 2-bedroom units, all with kitchenettes (no ovens), TV’s, balconies and red Mexican tile floors.

Suites are larger than at the Blanco next door, and (unlike the Blanco) bedrooms in the 1-bedroom units (luxury and master suites) face the ocean and long inner courtyard with pool.

best pueblo bonito resort in Cabo

The dining area in a one-bedroom unit at Pueblo Bonito Rose

Pretty in pink:

Pink and rose colors predominate.

There are pink pool and beach chairs, and a pink-hued spa offers massage, facials and other beauty treatments.

Fitness buffs have a good gym they can use, especially helpful to work off those extra calories gained from creamy take-out cakes sold in the resort’s deli.


The location of the Rose (and Blanco) is prime.

We especially like that you can walk to town to try out various restaurants for dinner and don’t have to bother with getting a taxi all the time.

Pool - photo Pueblo Bonito Rose

A view of the pool at night – photo Pueblo Bonito Rose

Another view of the Pueblo Bonito Rose pool

Another view of the Pueblo Bonito Rose pool

3.  Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach

You enter the Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach Resort & Spa through a grand marble lobby with chandeliers, 17th and 18th century art, and oversized colonial Mexican furniture.

Lobby - photo Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach

Lobby – photo Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach


Beyond the lobby, hacienda-style villas cascade down a hillside toward the Pacific ocean. They house 327 suites in different sizes, each appointed with kitchenettes, marble baths, cedar woodwork, and feather-top beds.

And they’re gorgeous.

best Pueblo Bonito resort in Cabo San Lucas

A Sunset Beach suite – photo Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach

A grand hacienda feel:

Just be prepared to walk a lot among the flower gardens, waterfalls, and fountains (or call for a golfcart ride); at 50 acres (and with no less than six outdoor pools), this is a big property.

Sky pool at night - photo Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach

Sky pool at night – photo Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach

For a little pampering, visit the Armonia spa.

It’s been voted Mexico’s No. 1 “top hotel spa” on the Travel + Leisure’s World’s Best List; Condé Nast has named it one of the top 20 best spas in Mexico and Central America. (Delete next sentence.)

Try the hot desert stone massage – 80 minutes of bliss.

best Pueblo Bonito resort in Cabo

The Armonia Spa – photo Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach


Be forewarned that this resort does not front a swimming beach.

Located on Cabo’s Pacific Ocean side, the waves can be killer-high and a strong undertow makes swimming deadly here most of the time. But you can take the resort’s free shuttle to Medano Beach, in front of the Blanco and Rose resorts, and use their beach facilities.

And the winner is?

We think Blanco is the best Pueblo Bonito resort in Cabo San Lucas – it’s our personal favorite!

Why? More intimate, great location on a great swimming beach, traditional Mexican decor…

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best pueblo bonito resort in cabo

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We’ve been fortunate to visit and write about Los Cabos many times, and we’ve reviewed several of the area’s hotels and resorts for various magazines and our blog. At the Blanco and Rose resorts, we paid for our stays, and Pueblo Bonito resorts didn’t pay us to write this review on the best Pueblo Bonito resort in Cabo. We first wrote this post in March, 2013, but after revisiting the Blanco and Rose resorts again on our most recent trip to Cabo in December, 2016, we updated the information here, so it’s now current once more.


  1. We are staying at blanco and our friends are staying at sunset. How far apart are these resorts from each other? Thank you for the article, it was full of great advice.

    1. Author

      They’re a loooong walk away from each other (you’d only want to go one way, for exercise). BUT – the good thing is there’s a free shuttle from Sunset to Rose (which is right next door to where you’ll be staying at Blanco). It goes regularly during the day, so your friends can easily hop on and visit you at Blanco. (You can also visit them at Sunset Beach.) Here’s the website with the shuttle info:

    2. We are planning a stay at the Montecristo Villas. Can you rec your fav place to eat. Any of the favorite activities!?
      We have older “children”, early 20’s

  2. Hi! Thanks for the great Pueblo Bonito tips. Wondering if you could give more insight to the master suite at the Blanco. We’ve stayed in the luxury suite before, but besides another bathroom, could you describe how much more room this suite has than the luxury ones? We will have 5 people in my party travelling this year. Hope its a little roomier. Can’t get much details from the internet.

    1. Author

      Sorry, but we can’t say; just don’t have that info at hand… Can you email the resort and ask? Or you can phone: 1-800-990-8250 (for the U.S.) and 1-855-478-2811 if you’re in Canada. Enjoy your trip, Jenn!

  3. Hey there! I’m very excited to have found your article on Pinterest. We leave on May 20th for our vacation to Blanco. So thank you for all your information. We are a family of 4, my husband, myself our sons are 20 & 17. We’ve booked all inclusive through Bookit and feel our price is exceptional.

    Do you have any advice on getting an upgraded room? Is there anything else we need to be aware of or be sure to do? What are your thoughts on the most valuable excursions (the guys want to deep sea fish)?

    Thanks in advance for your help!

    1. Author

      Congratulations! You should have loads of fun :-). The water should be nice and warm for swimming!

      We don’t have any specific advice — except ask nicely for an upgraded room :-). Maybe if they have one available, you can see if there would be a small extra charge you could negotiate? Pueblo Bonito should be able to help you with a fishing excursion. If they’re still doing time-share tours of PB Sunset Beach or other PBs, perhaps you could ask for a deep-sea fishing trip as your “gift.”

  4. We stayed at Pueblo Bonito Sunset beach last year with our 2 kids. We actually loved that the resort was so big and a bit away from Cabo. We were upgraded to a suite that had our own private hot tub on the deck which we used every day and night! Do you know if any of the other Pueblo Bonito resorts have suites that offer a private hot tub? We want to go back this summer and looking for other resorts as well. Thanks!

    1. Author

      Great to hear you loved the Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach! It’s one of Cabo’s nicest resorts. We don’t know off-hand whether the other PB resorts have suites with private hot tubs. Can you email or call them? That way, you’ll hear right from the horse’s mouth and get the suite you want :-).

  5. We got married in Cabo 10 years ago and we are heading back with some other couples to celebrate. I booked at the pueblo bonita pacifica and didn’t realize that they had different places. The sunset looks amazing too. Between the two, which one would you recommend for about 5 couples in their mid 30s?? Thanks so much!!!

    1. Author

      How nice to spend your 10 year anniversary in Cabo! Great spot – to get married, and to celebrate an anniversary! Well, there are four Pueblo Bonito resorts in Cabo, but the Pacifica is the only one that is purely adults-only and all-inclusive (no kitchenettes). It depends if you want everything done for you (all meals, drinks, etc.). The Pacifica will certainly give you that kind of pampering. And many of your fellow guests are likely to be in the same age range. Whatever you choose, you should have fun :-).

  6. To be honest, I think I’d happily take any of these but I love the homely look of the suite at the Sunset Beach property but the pink palettes at the Rose calls out to my colour tastes. You’ve got me googling holidays from London to Los Cabos now :)

    1. Author

      Los Cabos is a great destination for a sun-and-sand holiday! There’s lots to do – from whale watching (in winter), terrific snorkeling and scuba diving (October/November is the best time), golf, sailing, etc. It’s a fairly high-end destination, with many deluxe properties – and it’s the most expensive of the Mexican beach resort destinations. Many Americans from L.A., San Francisco and elsewhere jet down here (celebrities love it too), so it’s not as “Mexican” as other Mexican resorts – which you might like, or not… :-).

  7. What about bringing kids? We have 2 teenagers and a young child and are looking for somewhere that allows both to have a good time along with my husband and I. Any preference? Does Blanco have beach access and is the water swim-able there?

    1. Author

      Absolutely! Kids and teens are both sure to have fun (as well as you). The Pueblo Bonito resorts are family-friendly (except the adults-only one). Blanco has great beach access – it’s right on Medano Beach and the beach is very swim-able. Many people choose the hotels along this stretch of Medano Beach because it is swim-able (one of the few and one of the best swim-able beaches in Los Cabos).

  8. we’ve stayed at the Blanco twice, but were on a waiting list for both this year, and as luck would have it, the Rose popped up first, so we are staying there this time. We have done the all-inclusive route both times at the Blanco, and paid directly to PB to do that. Do you know if you can purchase the all-inclusive meal plan through a third party vendor to save $, or can you only do that through PB?

    1. Author

      You’re sure to enjoy the Rose as much as the Blanco :-)… But we don’t know the answer to your question about buying the all-inclusive plan through a third-party vendor, sorry! If you don’t want to go all-inclusive, Cabo has some great restaurants you can walk to (or cheap taxi ride). So that’s an option :-). Have fun on your trip!

  9. Hello! Which resort would you recommend for a honeymoon? My fiance and I will be taking our honeymoon in December, and we are having a lot of trouble deciding!

    1. Author

      Oh, that’s a tough one! All are really nice – and you’re likely to be happy with any of them. But if you ask yourself these questions, you should be able to narrow down your choice(s). Is having a beach right in front of your resort where you can swim important to you? Then pick either the Pueblo Bonito Rose or the Blanco. Do you want to be able to walk into town and have a choice of restaurants? Then pick the same two. Would you prefer to be a little away from the “action,” don’t mind taking a taxi to outside restaurants for dinner and don’t care if you can’t swim at your resort’s beach? Then you may like Sunset Beach better (also the largest suites and condo-style units, plus great ocean views too). All of these will have families as well as couples (lots of families with kids during Xmas and New Year’s). But in early December before the holidays, there won’t be many children. If you’re honeymooning during the holidays and want an adults-only experience, you may prefer Pueblo Bonito Pacifica. Hope this helps! (And have a wonderful honeymoon…)

  10. Trying to decide between Blanco and Rose. Needing a Master suite (one bedroom). Do these have balconies that face the ocean? Also, what floor would be the best to be on for the view? Which resort is closest to the action’? (LOL we have two teenagers). thx!

    1. Author

      Yes, Master suites at both resorts have balconies facing the ocean. A higher floor will have the better (more expansive) ocean view. The Rose has a more compact beach area, but more space around the pool for lounging. It’s more modern in design (not as Mexican traditional as Blanco) and the bedrooms face the ocean (whereas the bedrooms at Blanco don’t have ocean views, just the living rooms). The Blanco has a wider beach area and is also a few steps closer to the action of Mango Deck and the “busier” beach scene (rentals of wave runners at Tio Sports, etc.). It’s a tough choice though, because both are great properties! Remember also that you can hang out at either property – and take the shuttle to go to Sunset Beach. So you can’t go wrong, whatever you choose :-). Have fun! We just got back from Cabo – and it’s as beautiful as ever!

    1. Author

      Oh, for sure, you don’t have to get the all-inclusive package if you stay at Pueblo Bonito Rose, Los Cabos or Sunset Beach! You don’t even have to rent a car to go grocery shopping – a taxi to Walmart or Costco is only about $10+ USD. If you’re coming from the airport, you can ask your taxi or transfer service to make a grocery stop on the way to your resort (usually a small extra charge). We probably wouldn’t get the all-inclusive package, as we like the freedom to eat in our own place when we want, and besides, there are so many good restaurants in Cabo, it’s nice to have that freedom too to eat elsewhere.

  11. If you book at the PB Rose are you able to use everything at the PB Los Cabos (restaurants, bars, pool, etc)?

    1. Author

      You can certainly use the restaurants and bars like any paying, non-hotel guest can. And if you have the all-inclusive package at the PB Rose, you can access the PB Los Cabos restaurant and bar facilities too. As for the pool use, we did a little checking and – don’t hold us to this – but it looks like you can use the PB Los Cabos pool if you wish. (Guests at PB Sunset Beach can take the shuttle and use the PB Rose pool and facilities.) If it’s key to you, perhaps call the PB Rose or send them an email. Or just book into the PB Los Cabos? (Then you’ll know for sure you can use its pool.)


    1. Author

      The big difference between the Pacifica and Blanco is that the Pacifica is all-inclusive (compulsory), whereas at the Blanco, you only need to buy the room (or suite/condo). Also, the Pacifica is adults-only; families and couples like the Blanco. Lastly, at the Pacifica, you stay in a large room; at Blanco, many units are studios or one-bedroom condo-style units with full or mini-kitchens. Hope this helps… (We don’t know much about the Fiesta Americana, as we haven’t stay there.)

  13. Exotic and amazing, that’s the best tourist spot in Mexico.

  14. Wow. I love Cabo. Great pictures. Cabo was an amazing experience for me and my family. I want to back there. I think Pueblo Bonito is an amazing resort. Thanks for sharing the pictures and info.

      1. Just came back from a week at Pueblo Bonito Blanco. Fabulous place, hope
        I can get back there next year.

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