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27 Epic Things to Do in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Beaches with buzz? Check.

Eye-popping resorts? Check.

Stunning coastal scenery? Check.

We’re talking about Los Cabos.

It’s the chic desert-meets-the-sea resort destination at the tip of the Baja Peninsula – where Hollywood celebs like Jennifer Aniston, Selena Gomez and George Clooney holiday.

And we’ve pretty well tried out all the best things to do in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico!

The dramatic rock Arch (El Arco) in Cabo San Lucas looks like a donkey drinking from the sea.
The rock Arch (El Arco) at Land’s End is an iconic landmark of Cabo San Lucas

To put the area in perspective, the two main cities in Los Cabos are Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo.

“Cabo” is often used to refer to the whole area, and sometimes just to Cabo San Lucas, but we use “Cabo” here to refer to the general destination.

We visit Cabo at least once or twice a year – it’s our family’s favorite go-to holiday place. (Most months, except for maybe a couple, are good times to visit Los Cabos.)

There’s whale watching between December and March, sailing, championship golf, sportfishing (Cabo hosts the richest marlin fishing tournament in the world), awesome scuba diving and so much more…

Things to do in Cabo San Lucas

Based on our umpteen visits, we’ve written lots of travel articles on Cabo (and Cabo activities) for top North American magazines and newspapers, as well as for our Los Cabos travel guide.

So what are the best things to do in Cabo San Lucas (and Los Cabos in general)?

Which are the best Cabo tours and tour operators)?

Read on!

Whether it’s your first visit to this Mexican beach destination (or you’re a repeat Cabo visitor like us), check out these 27 wickedly fun things to do in Cabo from our epic list below.

1) Go whale watching

A humpback whale jumps out of the water in Cabo San Lucas.
What to do in Cabo in winter? Go whale watching!

Every year between mid-December and early April, thousands of gray, humpback and other whales migrate from their Arctic feeding grounds to the warm waters off the Baja Peninsula to mate and give birth.

In Cabo, you see mainly humpback whales. They’re the most active and fun to watch.

You often see them right from shore, spouting and jumping.

But to see whales up close, take a whale watching boat tour. It’s definitely one of the best things to do in Los Cabos in winter!

You’re almost guaranteed to spot whales.

A whale watching tour is the best way to see whales in Cabo
A whale watching tour is the best way to see whales in Cabo

We’ve gone whale watching in Cabo at least six times now and had great sightings on all trips except one.

If you happen to be unlucky, tour operators usually give you another tour complimentary. (They don’t want you to be unhappy!)

See this top-rated small group tour on a Zodiac boat, with expert guides.

The last time we went whale watching was with this company (Cabo Expeditions). They’re very good and environmentally conscious.

Or if you’d prefer to venture out on a larger catamaran (and enjoy a light breakfast or lunch, with an open bar too!), see this tour with PezGato.

They’ve been in business for a long time in Cabo and have a good rep.

Onboard this catamaran, you can also listen to the haunting sounds of the whales with new hydrophones.

2) Snorkel at Santa Maria Bay

Snorkeling is one of the most fun Los Cabos activities!
Snorkeling is one of the most fun Los Cabos activities!

Santa Maria Bay is one of the three best places to snorkel in Cabo. And you might see whales too!

A popular way to get there is on a snorkeling boat tour, like this 4-hour sailing-and-snorkeling catamaran cruise.

Or maybe you’d like to kayak there?

We’ve gone on this kayaking and snorkeling adventure with Cabo Outfitters, where you kayak to and snorkel at both Santa Maria Bay and Chileno Bay – excellent! The kayaking adds to the fun.

But you can also beat the crowds and drive (or take the bus) to Santa Maria Beach first thing in the morning – and have the bay all to yourself.

Get the details: Find out everything you want to know about snorkeling at Santa Maria Beach in Cabo San Lucas!

3) Visit Flora Farms

Artisanal cocktail at Flora Farms
An artisanal cocktail at Flora Farms

While Flora Farms has been around for several years now, it just keeps on reinventing itself, getting bigger and better.

Hidden away at the end of a bumpy sand road near San Jose del Cabo, it’s a 25-acre organic farm growing all sorts of flowers, veggies and herbs.

A farmer working at Flora Farms
A farmer works the fields at Flora Farms

Flora Farms also has a field kitchen and farm-to-table restaurant onsite.

One of the best ways to experience Flora Farm is to join a free walking farm tour (reserve here), followed by lunch.

Dining tables at Flora Farms
A pretty place to dine

Dinner is also excellent.

Maybe lemon chicken, zucchini-and-fresh-herb pasta, wood-oven pizza and organic salad with home-made burrata cheese?

Share everything, family-style, for the maximum flavors.

Read more in our post: Flora Farms dishes up yummy farm-to-table eats

4) Have fun at Medano Beach

Beach chairs under a palapa at Club Cascadas on Medano Beach, Cabo San Lucas
Medano Beach – captured without any people on it! (Usually it’s busier than this)

There are many fabulous beaches in Cabo San Lucas.

But Medano beach is the beach in Cabo.

Think perfect golden sand.

Calm for swimming. (It’s one of the few beaches in Los Cabos where you can safely swim.)

And lots of fun water activities like jet skiing and parasailing.

Turquoise waters lap the sands of Medano Beach
Turquoise waters lap the sands of Medano Beach

Tip: Medano Beach

The bars are congregated around the area closest to town.

The further you walk along Medano Beach away from town, the quieter it gets.

5) Hike up the Pedregal

Climb up the Pedregal in Cabo San Lucas for a great cardio workout and awesome views!
Hike up the Pedregal in Cabo San Lucas for a great cardio workout and awesome views!

That rocky mountain (hill?) you see rising just behind Cabo San Lucas is Pedregal, which means “rocky ground.”

It’s home to uber-swank, multi-million-dollar luxury villas (Sylvester Stallone is said to be a home-owner) – all clinging to the mountainside within a private gated community, where the roads are made of rock and stone slabs.

And one of the best things to do in Cabo San Lucas for a great outdoor cardio workout is to walk up the steep switchback roads in Pedregal.

The walk offers awesome views too.

Up top, you can see the marina way down below on the Sea of Cortez side plus the endless expanse of the Pacific Ocean on the other side.

View from the Pedregal
From the top of the Pedregal, you can see cruise ships and fishing boats in San Lucas Bay

To get there from town, walk west along Lazaro Cardenas and cross Miguel Hidalgo. You pass through a security gate and guard to get into the Pedregal gated community.

The road starts to climb soon after that. You’re aiming to make it to the top near the white round observatory.

Tip: Walking or hiking in Cabo San Lucas

Go first thing in the morning before it gets hot (you want to be back down before 9:30 am).

And take water.

6) Chow down on seafood tacos

Tacos Gardenias
Inside Gardenias, our favorite taco joint in Cabo

One of the funny facts about Mexican food we’ve discovered is that there are ho-hum tacos.

And then there are seriously mouth-watering tacos!

After trying various places, we’ve found some of the best tacos in Cabo San Lucas are to be had at Tacos Gardenias.

Once a true hole-in-the-wall, this taco joint has tidied itself up over the years.

It now even attracts taxis spilling out high-heeled, mini-skirted, 20-something tourists who come for a bite before going clubbing.

But “Mama” (the founding grandma) still works in the kitchen and takes taco orders.

Fresh shrimp tacos with all the fixings at Gardenias, Cabo San Lucas
Fresh shrimp tacos with all the fixings at Gardenias

We sometimes mix it up and order the fish tacos. The fresh shrimp tacos are still our favorite though.

The tacos come with all the fixings on the side, and you can specify corn or flour tortillas.

Oh, and they’re so inexpensive too. Some are a mere $2 or $3 USD each, depending on what you get.

Wash that down with a good strong margarita.

Lime margarita at Tacos Gardenias, Cabo
Yep, this is a tasty lime margarita

Tacos (and margaritas) back home will never taste the same…

If you’ve got a real crush on tacos, this Cabo taco tasting tour might tempt you.

7) Swim with whale sharks

A whale shark in La Paz with its mouth wide open
Must do in Cabo? Book a day tour to swim with whale sharks in La Paz

Whale sharks aren’t whales – or sharks. They’re actually the largest fish in the world, growing up to 40 feet long in size.

They’re also very gentle creatures. They eat only plankton and krill, by opening their cavernous mouths very wide.

Between October and February, whale sharks gather to feed in the Bay of La Paz, about a 2-hour drive from Cabo San Lucas.

And you can snorkel with these wondrous endangered species in La Paz on an all-day tour from Cabo. (It’s actually one of the most awesome things to do in all of Mexico!)

A spotter plane looks for the whale sharks from above, communicating their location to your boat captain.

When your guide yells “Jump!,” you leap into the water and swim alongside a giant whale shark, while peering down at it through your snorkel mask.

Whale sharks feed close to the surface, so what’s amazing is that you swim almost within touching distance of them. (But don’t – touching them can hurt their skin.)

Read all about it: Swimming with whales sharks in La Paz is a bucket-list experience!

8) Splash out on a splurgey hotel

The Waldorf Astoria Pedregal is a posh place to stay in Cabo
The Waldorf Astoria Pedregal is a posh place to stay in Cabo

Cabo is the place to go to pamper yourself silly at a fabulous hotel.

(One of the differences between Cabo and Puerto Vallarta, for example, is that Cabo has way more uber-luxe resorts.)

Over the years, we’ve stayed at many of the swankiest hotels in Cabo.

There’s the fabled One & Only Palmilla.

Once the holiday getaway for a Mexican president’s son, it now spoils privileged guests with Mexican-inspired beachfront suites, a drop-dead gorgeous (virtually private) beach and a restaurant run by a Michelin-star chef.

We also love The Cape, a Thompson Hotel. Think splendid views of Cabo’s 200-foot-high rock Arch and a hip contemporary vibe.

For an all-inclusive hotel, you can’t beat the luxurious Grand Velas Los Cabos. It blew us away with its stylish suites and foodie-worthy restaurants.

See our reviews of 23+ Cabo hotels! These are the best hotels in Los Cabos (boutique, 5-star and deluxe)

9) Go on an Art Walk

Visitors admire contemporary paintings in an art gallery in San Jose del Cabo.
An art gallery in San Jose del Cabo

On Thursday evenings in the high winter season and spring (November to June), you can go on an Art Walk in San Jose del Cabo.

Dozens of art galleries in the town’s art district stay open until 9:00 pm. Some organize lectures and wine tastings, and you can meet the artists too.

Many of the streets are car-free during this weekly evening event.

The Art Walk is free and has become very popular over the years. It’s a buzzing cultural event you won’t want to miss!

Tip: Dining in San Jose del Cabo

Be sure to make restaurant reservations in advance if you want to have dinner in town on Thursdays.

The restaurants are packed on Art Walk nights.

10) Fly on a zipline

Laughing woman ziplining at Canopy Costa Azul
Who wants to go ziplining in Cabo?

One of the most adrenalin-charged activities in Cabo San Lucas is to whizz through the air like a bird on a wire – aka ziplining.

A zipline is a cable strung between two platforms standing on a cliff high off the ground some 100 to 200 feet or more apart.

You’re strapped into a harness that hangs from a pulley, attached to the zipline. Step off the platform and you speed down the cable to the next elevated platform.

Not only is ziplining in Los Cabos exhilarating, you get to see another side of Los Cabos away from the beach – the stark dramatic beauty of its desert mountains and canyons.

You can choose from three different Cabo ziplining operations:

Ziplining in Cabo

Ziplining and UTVs with Cabo Adventures:

Three generations in our family enjoyed this ziplining eco-tour in rugged desert mountains and forest in a biosphere reserve.

The course features 6 ziplines (including the longest zipline in Cabo at over 1,640 feet). Oh, you also climb up a Via Ferrata, rappel down rock walls and brave a “commando bridge.”

The fun doesn’t stop there. This tour also includes driving your own UTV on a specially designed course through the Baja desert.

Home-made quesadillas and a fresh salad bar are offered at the end.

Canopy Costa Azul:

Canopy Costa Azul is another place to check out for family-friendly ziplining.

They’re located in a desert canyon setting near San Jose del Cabo.

Wild Canyon Adventures:

Get psyched!

You’re in for extreme thrills with a Wild Canyon park pass.

On a 1-day park pass, enjoy camel rides, horseback riding, off-road UTVs, bungee jumping (or a swing from 300 feet high) and unlimited ziplining.

Transfers are included to and from this canyon adventure park, which is located just 20 minutes away from both Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo.

Tip: Ziplining in Cabo San Lucas

Wear long cool pants and closed-toe shoes like runners.

11) Party at El Squid Roe

You haven't been to Cabo San Lucas if you haven't partied at El Squid Roe!
El Squid Roe is a fun place to party in Cabo

You haven’t been to Cabo if you haven’t partied at El Squid Roe.

Clubbers rave about its three stories of throbbing energy with flashing neon lights and dance cages.

We love the people watching!

Servers with tequila spray tanks roam the crowds, and revelers hang over railings above to watch dudes and divas shake it up on the dance floor below.

While El Squid Roe is open for meals during the day (try the guacamole made at your table), the real party heats up after 11:00 pm.

Some nights the non-stop fun continues long after official closing; is that the sun coming up?

12) Learn to stand-up paddle board

A couple on SUP boards at Medano Beach
A couple on SUP boards at Medano Beach

The SUP (stand-up paddle boarding) craze has hit Cabo.

And one of our favorite early morning Cabo activities is to head out on a SUP board from Medano Beach and paddle to Land’s End and back!

(Land’s End refers to the dramatic rock formations and iconic rock Arch at the tip of the Baja Peninsula.)

A man on a SUP board in Cabo
Solitude and a SUP board…

Many rental shacks on Medano Beach rent out paddle boards.

The cost varies, depending on how busy they are (and how well you negotiate). But expect to pay about $25 USD for an hour.

It’s easy to learn how to SUP.

But if you want a little help, check out Cabo SUP. They also organize guided SUP tours early in the morning from 7:00 to 9:00 am.

See this paddle boarding tour as well.

It takes you paddling along Land’s End, with a snorkel stop at Pelican Rock followed by a picnic at Lover’s Beach.

Tip: Stand-up paddle boarding in Cabo

If paddling to Land’s End on your own in winter, leave well before 8:00 am and return by 9:30 am (10:00 am at the absolute latest).

After that, it’s not safe, what with all the cruise ship tenders going back and forth and other boats departing from the marina.

The wind also picks up around 10:00 am – and then it’s really hard to paddle back, as you’re paddling against the wind.

13) Jog or stroll around the marina

The Cabo San Lucas Marina
The Cabo San Lucas Marina

The Cabo San Lucas Marina is Cabo’s central hub.

Go for a stroll or jog on the waterfront promenade skirting the marina. Check out the luxury yachts moored in the water while you’re at it.

Maybe do some shopping too? Or kick back with a beer, ice cream or cappuccino and enjoy some people watching.

We also love the pelicans that hang out at the marina.

Pelicans hang out at the Cabo San Lucas marina.
This pelican has a good perch

14) Shop on the beach

Every time we visit Cabo, we inevitably end up buying something from one of the beach vendors.

A beach vendor selling straw hats strolls Medano Beach
A beach vendor selling straw hats strolls Medano Beach

Dressed in white, the vendors stroll up and down Medano Beach hawking silver jewelry, sun hats, ceramic plates, beach wraps, Mexican blankets, children’s toys and more.

We once even bought a pair of wooden bears. (Go figure! It must be because we’re Canadians.)

Of course, you have to haggle. But that’s part of the good-natured fun. (Here’s how to bargain in Mexico!)

And (most of the time) you end up with a nice Mexican souvenir to take home as a little Cabo memento.

Silver jewelry and knick-knacks on the beach in Cabo San Lucas
The beach vendors always have fun stuff to sell

15) Eat at an Italian restaurant (really!)

Okay, you’re in Mexico.

But the Italian food is really good. Don’t ask why!

Cabo San Lucas has some great Italian restaurants!

Chances are you won’t want to eat guacamole and enchiladas every night.

So treat your taste buds to a change, and check out one of Cabo’s great Italian restaurants.

3 of our favorite Italian restos

La Dolce:

Tuck into wickedly yummy home-made pasta and wood-oven pizzas, served in a cheerfully busy and family-friendly place.

See website.

Doc Wine Bar:

This upscale wine bar (nice for couples) boasts an extensive wine list and fresh Italian food.

See website.


The portions are enormous, the prices are affordable and the food is lip-smacking delish at this legendary Italian restaurant. Make reservations!

See website.

16) Visit Lover’s Beach

A couple walk barefoot on the golden sand at Lover's Beach
Be sure to visit Lover’s Beach when in Cabo San Lucas

Lover’s Beach is one of the prettiest beaches in Cabo.

Also called Playa del Amor, it’s a gorgeous patch of sand nestled between two soaring cliffs at Land’s End.

The water is usually calm and perfect for swimming and snorkeling, especially early in the morning and late in the afternoon.

There are no roads to Lover’s Beach. The only way to reach it is by sea.

Most people jump on a water taxi to get there (see #18 below).

Or you can rent a kayak or SUP board from Medano Beach and paddle over there.

If you’d feel more comfortable going with an experienced guide, this guided kayaking tour by Cabo Outfitters takes you to see the Arch and to Lover’s Beach. You also have the chance to snorkel from Lover’s Beach.

The fact that it gets a 5-star rating probably says it all.

But we’ll add our two cents worth too.

We have gone on other tours with Cabo Outfitters and are always highly impressed with their guides and how they organize everything. Plus, it’s interesting to learn about the sea life and area from a local.

Kayaks beached on the sand at Lover's Beach
Kayakers share the beach with snorkelers and swimmers

Be careful

Lover’s Beach, which is on the Sea of Cortez side, is connected to Divorce Beach on the Pacific Ocean side.

While Lover’s Beach is safe, don’t go into the water on Divorce Beach, which has dangerous rip currents.

17) Take a sunset cruise

A couple on a sailboat enjoy a sunset cruise
Kicking back and enjoying the sunset on a sailboat

One of the most romantic things to do in Cabo San Lucas for couples is to set sail on a sunset cruise.

You’ll see the last of the sun seekers linger on Lover’s Beach, sail around Land’s End and watch the sky turn neon pink and fiery orange.

And you’ll glide silently back through the sea as night weaves its starry magic.

You can even book a private sailboat charter for two – it’s a very special way to propose…

Sunsets in Cabo are quite magical!
Sunsets in Cabo are quite magical!

Romantic sailing cruises are only one type of sunset cruise, though.

Other sunset cruises in Cabo range the gamut from classy dinner cruises to party booze cruises.

A sailboat at sunset in Cabo
You’ve got to see the sunset from the sea

Some of the best Cabo San Lucas sunset cruises

Cabo Sails:

Gather friends and family for a private charter. Sailboats take from 2 to 20 guests. (We’ve gone with Cabo Sails and it was a lovely experience.)

Or go on a shared sunset sailing cruise with others.


This custom-designed catamaran takes a maximum of 24 guests for a classy dinner cruise. It’s not a party boat.

See the Rissalena website to book.


PezGato runs a variety of different sunset cruises.

You want the party cruise? PezGato is Cabo’s original sunset party cruise offering an open bar, dancing and a boatload of fun.

Or go for the fun Mexican flavors cruise with dancing, unlimited premium drinks and a Mexican taco buffet on the CaboMar catamaran.

Not a booze cruise, this sunset jazz-and-wine tour (with appetizers) on the stable 65-foot Tropicat suits couples and families.

Sun Rider:

For a sunset dinner cruise on a large double-deck catamaran, the Sunrider 100 offers a dance floor and 360-degree views throughout. Just before sunset, enjoy the fresh Mexican buffet.

18) See Land’s End by water taxi

Interesting rock formations rise up out of the sea at Land's End!
There are so many interesting rock formations rising up out of the sea at Land’s End!

If you want to set foot on Lover’s Beach (#16 above), the easiest way is to hop aboard a water taxi.

But maybe you just want to see Land’s End up close during the day? You’ve heard about those humongous sea lions barking on the rocks, and you want to spot them too.

Again, hail a water taxi.

These small wooden boats putter back and forth all day long between the marina, Land’s End and Medano Beach.

Elevate the experience by going on a unique all-glass boat tour, where you can see fish through the boat’s glass bottom and sides.

19) Explore Todos Santos

Colorful ceramics for sale in Todos Santos
Colorful ceramics for sale in Todos Santos

Ahhh… Todos Santos… It’s one of Mexico’s Pueblos Magicos or “magic towns.”

Visiting Todos is one of the nicest day trips you can take from Cabo San Lucas.

The sugar mills that once supported the town’s colonial buildings in the 19th century are long gone.

But the surrounding green oasis of palm groves and fertile land – for mangos, avocados, oranges and papayas – remains.

And since the mid-1980s, when the paved highway from Cabo to Todos Santos arrived, American artists have set up shop to paint and live in what is now an utterly idyllic, quaint community.

(A recent highway upgrade means you can now zip up to Todos from Cabo in about an hour.)

Wooden bench in Todos Santos
Todos Santos is an easy day trip – and a great place to shop for authentic Mexican artworks and crafts

What to do?

Wander art galleries, craft studios and jewelry shops, scattered higgledy-piggledy among cute coffee bars and garden courtyard restaurants.

Perhaps pick up some fine hand-crafted beaten silver earrings or a unique bronze sculpture or oil painting.

Tip for the scenic drive

The 50-mile drive to Todos Santos winds north along the Pacific coast, passing through rolling scrubland desert.

On the way, be sure to stop at Los Cerritos Beach to watch surfers shoot in on the waves.

20) Play golf in Cabo

Emerald green fairway at the Palmilla Golf Course
The championship Palmilla golf course

Are you a golfer?

Well then, planning what to do in Cabo San Lucas is easy for you!

With more than a dozen championship golf courses, Los Cabos is a golf paradise.

Jack Nicklaus, Tom Weiskopf and Tiger Woods have all designed spectacular courses here. Several consistently rank among the 100 best courses in the world, according to Golf Digest and Golf Magazine.

No question.

You’ll be stoked teeing off on one of these Cabo golf courses!

Set of golf clubs
Golf clubs at the ready

5 of the best golf courses in Cabo

These 5 top Cabo golf courses are open to the public to play:

Puerto Los Cabos:

Puerto Los Cabos is a 27-hole golf resort on the East Cape (near San Jose del Cabo).

It features three separate 9-hole courses by Greg Norman and Jack Nicklaus. Each has its own “culinary palapa” with a bartender and chef.

Cabo Real Golf Club:

During the PGA Senior Grand Slam tournament in 1996, whales breaching just a few yards offshore almost stole the show from the golf action taking place on the greens.

Today, Cabo Real, designed by Robert Trent Jones Jr., is on every golfer’s must-do play list when visiting Cabo.

The first 9 holes are spectacular – and relatively gentle. Broad fairways offer mesmerizing ocean views as they wind along the coastline (keep an eye out for those whales!).

The tougher back 9 requires real skill. Fairways snake through the desert around canyons and arroyas.

The elevated green for the 14th hole is 500 feet above sea level.

Game teaser: Every hole boasts ocean views.

Diamante’s Dunes:

Diamante’s Dunes is a private course, designed by Davis Love III. Giant dunes, winds, jaw-dropping ocean views and split fairways make it a stunner!

Occasional tee times are offered for non-Diamante-hotel visitors (especially if you’re looking to buy a home).

Cabo Del Sol Cove Club Golf Course:

Hugging the Sea of Cortez, this renowned Nicklaus course (formerly known as the Cabo Del Sol Ocean Course) has a 3-hole finish guaranteed to have you gawking at the views.

Take pictures? Or swing? Tough choice at the Cabo Del Sol Cove Club Golf Course.

Palmilla Golf Club:

Wide fairways. Bunkers galore – over 80! Tees on their own little grassy islands, surrounded by desert brush and cacti, forcing you to execute shots with precision. It’s signature Jack Nicklaus, and the first Nicklaus layout in Mexico.

On this 27-hole course, start with the Arroya front-9 (with its fearsome doglegs) and choose from two back-9 options (pick the Mountain).

The Mountain’s 5th hole is awesome, but will have you trembling in your cleats. You have to shoot over not one, but two, super wide canyons. And if that’s not enough, there’s also a water reservoir to distract you. A par-4 will never look the same again.

Service is outstanding at the Palmilla Golf Cub, and there are lots of scenic photo opps.

21) Try deep sea sportfishing

Fishing in Cabo San Lucas
Fishing in Cabo San Lucas is popular

Hook up with one of Cabo’s premiere fishing charters for a “reel” experience of a lifetime!

The waters off Cabo – known as the “Marlin Capital of the World” – teem with magnificent marlin, swordfish, dorado (mahi-mahi), yellowfin tuna, snapper, wahoo and more.

So fertile are the waters that some 12,000 are caught annually (most fishing is catch-and-release).

Every October, Cabo hosts the world’s richest fishing tournament, the Bisbee Black and Blue.

A sportfisher catches a marlin in Cabo
It’s exciting to catch a marlin!

If you want to head out for a morning or day, more than 500 fishing vessels – from 21-ft budget boats to luxury 100-ft yachts – can help you test your mettle against these trophy-sized fish.

The average marlin caught weighs between 100 and 500 lbs, but lucky sport fishers have fought with beauties weighing up to more than 900 lbs.

Most of the best fishing grounds, including Gordo Banks, the Golden Gate Bank and Jaime Bank, are found within 40 miles of the Cabo San Lucas marina.

A small fishing boat with a "For Rent" sign docked in the Cabo San Lucas Marina
Fishing boats in Cabo come in all sizes

The fish bite year-round.

But marlin fishing is best between May and November. Cabo in summer is particularly hot for marlin fishing (yep, pun intended!), especially August to October.

April to December is good for dorado.

Man holding a fishing rod
The sportfishing in Cabo is especially good late summer and early autumn

You need a fishing license, which can be bought the day of your trip at the marina.

Daily fishing charters cost anywhere from $350 to upwards of $9,500 USD.

22) Watch a blockbuster at Puerto Paraiso Mall

Red sign labeled "Cinemex" on the outside of the Puerto Paraiso movie theater
Hey! You can watch Hollywood movies in English at the movie theaters in Cabo!

Catch the latest Hollywood flicks at the multiplex cinema in the Puerto Paraiso Mall.

Ten air-conditioned theaters show first-run films; many are in English (with Spanish sub-titles).

Get tickets for the VIP theaters if you can.

For a few pesos more than the regular theaters, you sink into big reclining leather seats, lie back and watch Bradley Cooper or Scarlett Johansson in cushy comfort.

23) Scuba dive in Cabo Pulmo

Yellow and blue tropical fish
You’ll see all sorts of colorful fish when diving in Cabo

We’ve gone scuba diving in Cabo several times at different spots.

But some of the absolute best diving is at Cabo Pulmo.

October and November are great months – for warm water and clear viz. And the weather is lovely and warm on land for other holiday activities too.

What will you see diving in Cabo Pulmo?

A bull shark swims above a coral reef in Cabo Pulmo.
Chances are good you’ll spot sharks at Cabo Pulmo (like this bull shark)

Sharks are almost guaranteed.

We saw bull sharks and a tiger shark. Thrilling!

Porkfish, moray eels, octopus, sea turtles and moray eels are also commonly sighted.

A sea turtle in Cabo Pulmo
If you’re lucky, you might spot a sea turtle

24) Bicycle to the Wirikuta Botanical Cactus Gardens

Bougainvillea and bicycles at the Wirikuta Desert Botanical Garden
Bougainvillea and bicycles at the Wirikuta Desert Botanical Garden

One of the fun things to do in Los Cabos we enjoy when staying in San Jose del Cabo is bicycling or strolling around the Puerto Los Cabos Marina – and hitting the Wirikuta Botanical Cactus Gardens.

Cactus at Wirikuta Cactus Garden
Oh my, what prickly spines you have!

These gardens sprout more than 1 million cactus plants, including some 1,500 varieties of succulents from around the world.

Also check out the rock sculptures in the nearby Sculpture Garden and quirky bronze sculptures lining the marina walkway.

Gleaming white boats docked at the Puerto Los Cabos Marina
Gleaming white boats docked at the Puerto Los Cabos Marina

25) Ride a camel

Say what?

For something quite different, you can make like Lawrence of Arabia and ride a camel in the desert!

This camel safari adventure takes you to a ranch about a 45-minute drive from Cabo San Lucas.

You’ll meet your camel then ride for 15 minutes or so along the edge of the ocean.

After, you’ll learn how to make Mexican tortillas (which you get to eat, of course!) and enjoy a mezcal and tequila tasting.

Yes, you can actually ride a camel in Cabo!

The tour is run by Cabo Adventures.

We’ve mentioned them before.

In biz for more than 10 years, they’re one of Cabo’s premier adventure tour operators – probably the biggest too. Most of their tours are great. The only one we don’t like is their dolphin swim program (see #26 below).

If you’d like a longer camel ride, this combo camel ride and UTV adventure starts off with an hour of camel riding.

It’s followed by an hour of big-thrills fun on a UTV, where you drive off-road through mountain trails, ending up at Migrino Beach.

26) Swim with dolphins in Cabo

Want to hug, kiss and swim with dolphins?

Dolphin Discovery is a “dolphinarium” in Los Cabos, where playful bottlenose dolphins, including babies born to their moms here, live in a natural ocean cove.

It’s certified by the Alliance of Marine Mammal Parks and Aquariums – so American standards of animal care are met or exceeded.

A young woman kisses a dolphin at Dolphin Discovery
Getting up-close-and-personal with a dolphin

A few years ago, we had fun making out like “Superman” as two dolphins pushed each of us up out of the water in the “foot push.”

You can also go for a “belly ride,” where you hold on to a dolphin’s fins as it swims on its back.

Our views about interacting with wild creatures have changed over the years. So we personally wouldn’t swim with dolphins now.

But we understand the desire to learn more about them and spend some special time with dolphins.

We also know that after interacting with dolphins up close, you’re very likely to be moved to do more to protect them, e.g., by reducing your use of plastic (so it doesn’t go into the oceans).

For more information, you can read out post on what’s it like to swim with dolphins in Cabo.

Dolphin Discovery in Los Cabos

If you decide to swim with dolphins in Cabo, pick Dolphin Discovery (located in Puerto Los Cabos near San Jose del Cabo), not the dolphin swim program run by Cabo Adventures in Cabo San Lucas.

At Dolphin Discovery, the dolphins at least swim in a natural-looking sea environment in a cordoned-off area by the shore.

In Cabo San Lucas, the dolphins live in a large aquarium-like tank or pool in the city.

27) Take a Mexican cooking class

We prefer eating to cooking. But this Mexican cooking class combines both. And it gets rave reviews.

First, you shop for various ingredients with your master chef guide. Then you go to “Mama’s home” to learn how to make tortillas, salsa, chicken mole, guacamole, tacos, chili rellenos and more.

The best part? Sipping on bougainvillea-infused margaritas as you tuck into the feast you learned to make.

What to do in Cabo: Bottom line?

We love Cabo San Lucas. You’re sure to love it too!

The weather is great, the beaches are super clean, the resorts are cushy and the people are friendly.

And as you can see, there are scores of fun and unique things to do in Cabo San Lucas – more than enough to turn your Cabo visit into one of the best trips ever!

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Best Things to Do in Cabo San Lucas

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Tuesday 7th of June 2022

How many nights would you recommend to get it all in?

Janice and George

Tuesday 7th of June 2022

If you have 1 week of vacation time, go for the full week. The time of year will dictate the activities - golf and whale watching in winter, for example. There's certainly enough to do in Los Cabos that you won't get bored. Plus you'll want some downtime, just kicking back in your pool or beach chair.

If you're from the west coast (e.g., L.A. or San Francisco), the flight time is short, so you can go for just 4 or 5 nights. And 4 nights in Cabo is better than no nights in Cabo :-).

Sean Michael Scully

Monday 13th of September 2021

25 things to do and one of them is not taking an ultralight flight? Should easily be in the top 10. And at least in a list of top 25...

Janice and George

Monday 13th of September 2021

Hi Sean, Thanks for alerting us :-). We've seen the ultralights buzzing overhead. And we have family members who are pilots and have taken a spin in the plane and enjoyed the ride. It's something we'll just have to cover when we do an update... Best!

Donna K

Saturday 25th of January 2020

You have so many great tips and my head is just swimming with all of the information that you've shared! I'm glad that we're not leaving for a couple of months so I can digest more:) I've been reading about the Passport Card for Cabo. Do you think it's a good investment? We are new, new, new to everything. Using my dad's timeshare and new to Mexico.

Janice and George

Saturday 25th of January 2020

Glad you like all the tips we've shared! Yes, there's lots of information. We've visited Los Cabos many, many times and have written lots about Cabo. As for the Passport Card, we don't have any personal experience with it, so we can't really answer your question on that one, sorry :-). Just check the details as to what it covers, discounts on what restaurants (and if those would be the restaurants you'd want to go to), etc. Have fun on your trip! You're sure to love Cabo :-).

pamela murphy

Tuesday 10th of February 2015

We are staying here for honeymoon in June cannot wait

Janice and George

Tuesday 10th of February 2015

Hi Pamela, Lucky girl :-). You'll love Cabo - it shines even better since resorts have been busy renovating and fixing things since Hurricane Odile last year. Make sure you hit San Jose del Cabo for an evening - the historic center is very pretty at night, with many great restaurants.


Friday 18th of April 2014

When we were at Punta de Mita, a couple was raving about Cabos and insisting that we visit it on our next trip to Mexico. These things to do definitely make it seem like a fun and luxurious place to relax for a bit!

Janice and George

Monday 21st of April 2014

Cabo is definitely the high-end beach resort destination in Mexico - and the most expensive - with plenty of luxury resorts to kick back in and soak up the sun...