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15 Delicious Mexican Margaritas to Make at Home

Margaritas are synonymous with Mexico.

They’re the quintessential Mexican cocktail!

Indeed, one of the best things to do in Mexico is to sip real Mexican margaritas on the beach – made with fresh fruit juice (of course!), not mix.

Both lime and tamarind margaritas are our go-to drinks when we visit Mexico. (They’re the perfect cocktails to sip before diving into Mexican food.)

Then when we return home, we’re always on the hunt for the perfect margarita recipe to mimic those great margaritas in Mexico we drank.

So we reached out to a host of top food-and-drink bloggers to help us – we share their best margarita recipes below.

Mexican Margaritas

About Mexican margaritas

But first, let’s learn some fun facts about Mexican margaritas.

It’s not actually clear who invented the margarita – or if margaritas are really Mexican.

Margarita Sames, a Dallas socialite, swore that she first created the drink for guests at her Acapulco holiday home in 1948. Then her buddy Tommy Hilton added the drink to his Hilton hotel bar menus.

But the more widely accepted story goes that Carlos “Danny” Herrera whipped up the cocktail back in 1938 for a beautiful Ziegfeld showgirl, Marjorie King, at his Rancho La Gloria restaurant in Tijuana.

She apparently was allergic to all alcohol except tequila, but didn’t want to drink it straight.

So Herrera combined tequila, lime and salt – and the margarita was born.

Whatever its origins, the margarita has become one of the world’s most popular cocktails.

And it’s America’s favorite cocktail, according to Nielsen stats.

Given that so many people love the drink, it’s little wonder that Mexican margaritas even have their own holiday! Yes, there’s a “National Margarita Day,” held on February 22 each year.

What kind of tequila for margaritas should you use?

When it comes to the tequila for margaritas, make sure you use a good one.

Use a good tequila for margaritas.

For most margaritas, a silver or blanco (young and unaged) tequila is best for a smooth taste.

Ideally, look for a tequila that says “100% blue agave” or “100% agave azul.”

Some well-known brands are Herradura, El Jimador, Clase Azul and Don Julio. (Anything less than 100% is considered a tequila mixto.)

Fun fact about tequila

Tequila is only tequila if made from 100% blue agave plants.

And the only place where blue agave plants are grown is in Mexico’s state of Jalisco. (Guadalajara is the capital of Jalisco; Puerto Vallarta is also in Jalisco state.)

Pro tips for making and serving margaritas

To really get into the spirit, serve your Mexican cocktails in beautiful margarita glasses.

Missing a blender? Check out these different varieties of blenders on Amazon.

Pour just the right amount of alcohol using a jigger.

Some of these recipes call for a muddler to muddle an ingredient (meaning to press it against the side of the glass).

Best Mexican margarita recipes

Mexican margaritas

Here, now, are some great recipes for how to make Mexican margaritas at home.

And with so many different Mexican fruits, you can create a whole range of homemade margaritas – from the original lime margarita to pineapple, peach, kiwi and other fruit margaritas.

You’ll even find some exotic and spicy variations! Apple cinnamon mezcal margaritas, anyone?

Now you know the best margarita recipes

As you can tell, there’s a margarita for everyone!

From authentic Mexican margarita recipes to the trendy, these are sure to become your new favorite Mexican cocktails.

Let us know in the Comments below which ones you like best.

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Mexican margarita recipes
Best Mexican Margaritas

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