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Chasing Waterfalls in Maui: 15 Fabulous Falls You Must See

The eerie clacking sound, like low-pitched wind chimes, stopped us in our tracks.

We were hiking through a bamboo forest to one of the best waterfalls on Maui.

What was that sound? It took a few moments to realize it came from the 100-foot-high bamboo poles banging together in the breeze.

We lingered for a while, marveling at nature’s unique orchestra, before continuing on.

If we thought the waterfall at the end was the real reward, we were wrong. This waterfall hike was proving wonderful in more ways than one!

If you like chasing waterfalls, you'll be in waterfall heaven in Maui.
If you like chasing waterfalls, you’ll be in waterfall heaven in Maui!

Best waterfalls on Maui, Hawaii

All the Hawaiian islands have something special to offer, whether you opt for the Big Island; Maui or Kauai (a tough choice!); or the private island of Lanai.

But one thing you can always count on is finding some of the world’s most amazing waterfalls.

The beauty of the waterfalls on Maui is that planning a waterfall chasing itinerary is quite easy. That’s because most of the island’s waterfalls are found off the iconic Road to Hana.

To help you along with planning your Hawaii vacation, we’ve put together this list of the 15 best waterfalls in Maui, Hawaii.

Slip on some comfortable water sandals or water shoes for hiking – and happy waterfall hunting!

1) Waimoku Falls

Couple take a selfie at Waimoku Falls, Maui
The best waterfall in Maui? Waimoku Falls gets our vote – this beaming couple like it too

A massive banyan tree, an enchanting bamboo forest, an exquisite grove of apple trees and a majestic 400-foot tall waterfall that cascades down a sheer cliff.

How does that sound?

These gorgeous sites await you on the Road to Hana when you stop and do the moderate four-mile (roundtrip) hike along the Pipiwai Trail to the Waimoku Falls.

Walking through a soaring bamboo forest is just one of the delights on the trail to Waimoku Falls, Maui.
Walking through a soaring bamboo forest is just one of the delights on the hike to Waimoku Falls

This is the Maui waterfall hike with the clacking bamboo forest we mentioned earlier. And the hike is one of the most romantic things to do in Maui for adventure-loving couples.

It should come as no surprise that we consider the Waimoku falls to be possibly the best waterfall in Maui.

And trust us, any sweat you work up to reach the falls is well worth it!

Be sure to have your camera on-hand, because you’re going to find lots of photo opps you don’t want to miss.

Hanging out under the big banyan tree on the Pipiwai Trail, Maui
Hanging out under the big banyan tree on the Pipiwai Trail to Waimoku Falls

Waimoku Falls, Maui:

Location: The Pipiwai trailhead is at Mile Marker #42 on the Hana Highway in Haleakala National Park, Kipahulu District.

See: Google location

Tip: This is a very popular hike, so get an early start and be patient if you encounter some crowds.

2) Twin Falls

Red Chinese hibiscus on the trail to Twin Falls, Maui
Red Chinese hibiscus on the trail to Twin Falls

If you’re mapping out a Road to Hana waterfalls trip, Twin Falls is the first one you’ll encounter after leaving Kahului (and passing the hamlet of Paia).

And there’s more to these falls than you may expect!

To reach them, you hike through a working farm.

(Wailele Farm allows free access for visitors and provides port-a-potties at the start of the trail.)

Wild hibiscus flowers add pretty pops of color along the trail. The trail is flat, and the first section is an easy walk in the jungle.

Most visitors only go as far as the first set of falls, which have an upper and lower tier (a 10-minute walk).

But there’s actually another special waterfall to discover if you continue on with your hike (a little more than 1½ miles roundtrip).

You have to open a gate, warning that only experienced hikers should pass through, which causes most people to turn around. But in reality, the part of the trail beyond the gate isn’t difficult.

You will get your feet wet, however, and you have to cross a shallow stream and maneuver around rocks. But the trail is still flat.

Best of all? If you’re hoping to find waterfalls in Maui you can swim in, you’ve hit the jackpot at Twin Falls!

Twin Falls are one of the most pictureseque waterfalls on the Road to Hana.
You don’t have to drive far to reach one of the most picturesque waterfalls on the Road to Hana (Caveman Falls)

An exquisite swimming hole, complete with a cave-like backdrop and hanging vines, awaits at the end of your hike in front of the second falls – affectionately referred to as “Caveman Falls” by locals.

If there are other people around, just hang out and wait until they leave, and then you’ll have the pool all to yourself for a while.

It’s one of the coolest places to swim!

If you don’t have a car, here’s a great 5-hour rainforest and waterfall hiking tour with Hike Maui that takes you to several private waterfalls around Twin Falls.

We did this tour on our last Maui visit. It’s top-rated and we highly recommend it! (Hotel transfers are included.)

Or check out this 3-hour rainforest and waterfall adventure for families (a little easier).

Twin Falls, Maui:

Location: Mile Marker #2 on the Hana Highway

See: Google Maps

Tip: There’s a great snack and fruit stand in the front parking lot with fresh Hawaiian fruit, smoothies, home-baked goods (tasty banana bread) and more. Be sure to stock up on some goodies while you’re here!

The narrow road to Hana has 59 bridges, many of which are one-lane bridges.
The narrow road to Hana has dozens of one-lane bridges like this

Road to Hana

Driving to Hana:

It may be only 52 miles from Kahului (the airport) to Hana.

But the drive to Hana takes a long time – usually 3 to 5 hours – because it’s full of one-lane bridges and hairpin turns. Indeed, one of the cool facts about Hawaii is that there’s something like 620 curves and 59 bridges!

And then there are more beautiful sites and waterfalls to see beyond the town of Hana.

The Hana Highway continues for another 12+ miles to Kalepa near Alele Falls (#15 below), the last on our list of best Maui waterfalls. (The road actually continues on around the backside of Haleakala National Park, but it’s no longer the “Hana Highway.”)

The whole drive is so beautiful that you’ll be stopping all the time to drink in the views and take pictures.

The journey on the Hana Highway is the adventure (not so much the actual arrival), so enjoy it!

Hana tour:

If you’d rather have someone else do the driving, here’s a top-rated small group day tour.

It includes stops at fruit farms, local villages, waterfalls, the bamboo forest and a beach for a swim; BBQ lunch; and plenty of engaging Hawaiian stories from your guide.

Staying in Hana:

To stay overnight in Hana, we recommend the Hana-Maui Resort.

Boasting an oh-so-romantic location, it’s one of the best hotels in Maui for a honeymoon or couples’ stay.

These surfboards are a colorful whimsical sight on the Road to Hana.
These colorful surfboards are a whimsical sight on the Road to Hana

3) Waikamoi Falls (Mile 10 Falls)

Many visitors just cruise by the Waikamoi Falls.

Pity. Because they’re missing some charming falls!

The first waterfall splashes down into an enticing crystal-clear pool, mere steps away from the road.

Looking for a lovely swimming hole? Check out the Lower Waikamoi Falls, Maui!
Looking for a lovely swimming hole that’s easily accessible? Check out the Lower Waikamoi Falls!

But it’s the second larger waterfall that steals the show – as long as you make the extra effort to reach it.

Once there, you can swim around, or simply sit in the pool and let the pristine waters shower down on you.

Not a bad way to spend some leisurely Maui time if you ask us!

Note: You’ll need to scramble up a stream bed to get to the second fall, which is relatively easy when the bed is dry. But you should not attempt this if the water is surging.

Waikamoi Falls, Maui:

Location: Near Mile Marker #10 on the Hana Highway.

See: Google Maps

Tip: There’s one parking space just before the bridge at the 10-mile marker.

4) Punalau Falls

Punalau Falls is another waterfall gem located off the Hana Highway.

It’s usually overlooked, though, because it’s not visible from the road. This makes the falls one of the top hidden waterfalls in Maui.

The walk to this beautiful 100-foot waterfall takes about 15 minutes. There’s no trail and the clamber upstream on the rocks can get slippery, depending on the stream’s water levels.

For kids, it’s one of the best hikes in Maui with waterfalls because it’s such a short distance. (Rethink the hike if it’s been raining recently and the stream is more than a trickle, however.)

It’s wise for everyone in the family to wear non-slip shoes.

Punalau Falls, Maui:

Location: About ¼ mile after Mile Marker #13 on Hana Highway.

See: Map on Tripadvisor

Tip: The submerged rocks can make this hike more challenging if it’s raining (or there have been heavy rains), so take extra precautions.

5) Honokohau Falls

Take a chopper ride for views of hidden Maui waterfalls that can only be seen from the air.
Take a chopper ride for views of hidden waterfalls that can only be seen from the air

Who’s ready for a helicopter ride?

Honokohau Falls is the tallest waterfall in Maui – an impressive 1,119-foot chute of pristine water that plummets in two tiers.

The falls are located in a remote inaccessible valley in West Maui – hence the helicopter. The view you get of this beautiful waterfall and its jungle-like surroundings from every angle is really an unforgettable sight.

Don’t miss your chance to admire this Hollywood movie star up close. The Honokohau Falls were featured in Jurassic Park and live up to all the hype!

The tallest waterfall in Maui, the Honokohau Falls are simpy breathtaking!
The tallest waterfall in Maui, the Honokohau Falls are simpy breathtaking!

Honokohau Falls, Maui:

Location: Deep in the West Maui mountains.

See: Google Maps

Tip: Book your helicopter tour in advance to reserve your ride. This 5-star, 55-minute scenic helicopter flight with Maverick Helicopters lets you peer down over Honokohau Falls, as well as see the dramatic waterfalls of Molokai.

6) Upper Waikani Falls (Three Bears Waterfalls)

You can see the Three Bears Waterfalls right from the road - you don't even need to stop!
You can see the Three Bears Waterfalls right from the road – you don’t even need to stop!

The enchanting beauty of the Upper Waikani Falls will lure you in straight from the road, since they’re visible right from the Hana Highway.

Three large side-by-side waterfalls – also known as the Three Bears – explain the allure of this marvelous attraction. And a vast pool down below is irresistibly inviting.

The tricky part is actually getting down there. The drop-off from the bridge to get down to the trail is a bit intimidating.

Once you’ve mastered that first bit, though, you’re in the clear.

All that’s left is to swim and take some photos of this exceptionally picturesque place!

The Upper Waikani Falls are so Insta-perfect.
The Upper Waikani Falls are so Insta-perfect

Upper Waikani Falls, Maui:

Location: A little past Mile Marker #19 on Hana Highway.

See: Google Maps

Tip: Your best bet for parking (as there aren’t many options) is to drive to a small parking area about 1/10 of a mile past the falls, and walk back along the narrow road.

7) Kopiliula Falls (Kopihula Falls)

Located off the popular Road to Hana, the Kopiliula Falls is a lesser-known secret waterfall on Maui.

It’s only a short one-mile hike to reach these falls.

But you have to clamber over rocks and possibly trek through muddy slippery terrain. If you’re comfortable with this, then the Kopiliula waterfall hike is a must-do.

Once there, enjoy the peace and solitude – perhaps cool off in the clear pool at the base of the falls.

Because it’s not a well-known destination (and because not everyone wants to rock-hop up a stream), you’re likely to have the place all to yourself.

Kopiliula Falls, Maui:

Location: After the 21-mile mark on the Hana Highway.

See: Google Maps

Tip: The trail gets steep and slick, so be sure to have proper waterproof footwear with plenty of traction, and consider using a walking stick for extra support.

8) Hanawi Falls

The Hanawi Falls are one of the most photographed waterfalls on Maui.
The Hanawi Falls are one of the most photographed waterfalls on Maui

To enjoy another dazzling jewel among the Hana Highway waterfalls, don’t miss Hanawi Falls, one of the most photographed waterfalls in Maui.

The Upper Falls is a 30-foot cascade, while the Lower Falls plunge from a height of 200 feet.

We should note that most people miss the Lower Hanawi Falls, because they can only be accessed via a trail in the village of Nahiku – and the trail passes through private land. (Fun fact: Former Beatle George Harrison owned a home in Nahiku.)

The surrounding rainforest and lush vegetation are just as magnificent as the falls themselves.

You get the best view and shots of the Upper Falls from the Hanawi Stream Bridge.

Hanawi Falls, Maui:

Location: Just past Mile Marker #24 on the Hana Highway.

See: Google Maps

Tip: There are a few narrow pull-outs just before and after the Hanawi Bridge if you want to park and have more time to snap photos.

9) Makapipi Falls

If you're not afraid of heights, look down over the Makapipi Bridge railing at the Makapipi Falls.
If you’re not afraid of heights, look down over the Makapipi Bridge railing at the Makapipi Falls

Ever had a bird’s eye view of a waterfall?

Of all the many Maui waterfalls along the Hana Highway, Makapipi Falls is the only one where you can stand at the top and look down at the torrent of water tumbling into a gorgeous pool below.

To experience this unique vantage point, park your car at the small pull-out just after the Makapipi Bridge that crosses the Makapipi Stream. Then walk back on the bridge.

Makapipi Falls, Maui:

Location: Just past Mile Marker #25 on Hana Highway.

See: Google Maps

Tip: You can see the falls best when there’s been lots of rainfall, so if it’s been unusually dry on Maui, you may not see much – sorry!

10) Pua’a Ka’a Falls

Pua'a Ka'a Falls are one of the most easily accessible Maui waterfalls.
Pua’a Ka’a Falls are one of the most accessible Maui waterfalls

For one of the shortest Maui waterfall hikes where you can take a quick dip in a small pool, Pua’a Ka’a Falls is an easily accessible option.

There are two waterfalls.

The closest one is smaller and gets more crowded due to its proximity to the parking lot. A paved stairway leads right to it.

The second larger waterfall requires a bit more of a walk along a dirt path. It also has a pool for swimming.

About halfway on the Hana drive, the Pua’a Ka’a State Wayside Park makes for a good stop to use the restroom.

With several covered picnic tables, you might want to have a lunch or snack break here too.

Pua’a Ka’a Falls, Maui:

Location: Just past Mile Marker #26 on the Road to Hana.

See: Google Maps

Tip: The small waterfall and covered tables make this a good spot for families to stop for a picnic. The parking area is on the left (as you’re driving to Hana) and the waterfall and picnic area is on the right.

11) Makamakaole Falls

If you like the idea of tackling a waterfall hike with many stream crossings, then the Makamakaole Falls is one of the best waterfalls on Maui for such an adventure.

We’re talking about the 13 Crossings Hike.

The rooty trail crosses the Makamakaole Stream 13 times and leads to a fork, with waterfalls and swimming holes at the end of both paths.

Thick green jungle, tall grasses and a bamboo forest all lend the surrounding scenery a magical other-wordly feel.

For more of a calorie-burning adventure – where you see the falls from a distance – hike the five-mile roundtrip Waihe’e Ridge Trail (the trail ascends 1,500 feet).

Hike Waihe'e Ridge in Maui for awesome views, including of Makamakaole Falls.
Hike Waihe’e Ridge for awesome views, including of Makamakaole Falls

The Makamakaole Falls are more off-the-beaten track than many of the Hana Road waterfalls but well worth scouting out!

Makamakaole Falls, Maui:

Location: The trailhead for the 13 Crossings Hike is off Kahekili Highway, but it’s difficult to find. Here’s where to park and how to get to the 13 Crossings Trail.

See: Google Maps

Tip: Wear sturdy water shoes and take a hiking stick. Allow 2 to 2½ hours roundtrip for hiking the 13 Crossings Trail (with some swimming time).

12) Wailua Falls

Wailua Falls are one of Maui's most famous waterfalls.
The Wailua Falls are one of Maui’s most famous waterfalls

On your road trip along the Hana Highway, Wailua Falls is one that’s impossible to miss.

As in… It’s so close to the road, you almost feel like you could reach your hand out the window to touch it – that is, if the crowd of onlookers wasn’t in your way!

Unlike many other Road to Hana waterfalls, there’s ample parking space, which helps explain the large number of photo-snapping tourists. However, most of them take their selfies and continue on their way.

For a more personal and private encounter with the 80-foot Wailua Falls, you only need to walk a short way down to the base of the waterfall – then maybe even take a refreshing dip in its lovely pool.

As an added treat, take advantage of the local vendors who set up camp in front of the falls and buy a special Hawaiian souvenir!

Wailua Falls, Maui:

Location: Past Mile Marker #44 on the Hana Highway – you can’t miss it. You may even spot a wild pig or two ambling across the car park.

See: Google Maps

Tip: The walk down to the plunge pool is short and easy so it’s a good spot to take the kids for a little swim.

13) Makahiku Falls

Makahiku Falls, Maui
Makahiku Falls, Maui

It doesn’t get much better than a breathtaking 184-foot horsetail waterfall plus an infinity pool.

That’s what you get at the Falls of Makahiku, located in the Oheo Gulch along the Pipiwai Trail – making this another one of the best waterfalls in Maui.

It’s a short ½ mile hike from the trailhead to an overlook of Makahiku Falls.

Under tranquil conditions, you might also want to try to reach the pool at the top that seems to extend into the sky, but actually flows down into the waterfall below.

We’re pretty sure these Hana waterfalls will be among the best you’ve seen.

Makahiku Falls, Maui:

Location: The Pipiwai trailhead is at Mile Marker #42 on the Hana Highway in Haleakala National Park, Kipahulu District. (It’s a little confusing, because now the mile markers are going back down.)

See: Google Maps

Tip: If the pool at the top is flooded, be sure not to venture into it, as the water pours right into the steep waterfall (i.e., certain death if you’re swept over).

14) Seven Sacred Pools (Oheo Gulch)

The Seven Sacred Pools are one of the most popular places to see in Maui.
The Seven Sacred Pools are one of the most popular attractions to see in Maui

When you hear the sound of water gushing down over rocks, you know you’ve reached Oheo Gulch.

And if you’re looking for the biggest waterfall wading area in Maui, then Oheo Gulch is calling out to you!

The lush stream-cut valley is also called the Seven Sacred Pools. But when water levels are high, there are actually more than seven freshwater pools.

“Oheo” is Hawaiian for “something special.” Various stunning waterfalls simply spill from one pristine pool to the next, creating nature’s picture-perfect tiered swimming pool, where freshwater flows into the ocean.

Surrounded by wine-colored ti and bright ginger, this really is a Garden of Eden along the Kipahulu coastline.

Water tumbles down tiers of pools to the ocean at the Seven Sacred Pools.
Water tumbles down tiers of pools to the ocean at the Seven Sacred Pools

You’re going to fall in love with this idyllic place. It’s the most popular attraction in East Maui.

Note: Heed any warning signs, and be careful if allowed to go in for a dip. Flash flooding makes the pools dangerous, and the pools are often closed for swimming. (We also don’t advise cliff jumping; casualties have occurred here.)

Pools of Oheo:

Location: Near Mile Marker #42 on the Hana Highway in Haleakala National Park (about 15 minutes past Hana town).

See: Google Maps

Tip: You’ll need to pay a National Park fee to park and walk about ½ a mile from the parking lot to the pools.

15) Alelele Falls

For a beautiful moderate waterfall hike that’s suitable for all skill levels, the Alelele Falls are perfect.

The trail is only 1½ miles roundtrip. It takes less than 15 minutes up old Hawaiian terraces to get to the falls.

The falls are 50 feet tall and offer the most serene spot to go for a lazy swim and to just relax. You feel like you can carve out your own little piece of heaven at these under-visited waterfalls in Maui.

The only somewhat problematic part is driving there.

These Hana falls are located past the Seven Sacred Pools, and the road is pretty narrow and bumpy.

The Alele Bridge is about as far as you want to drive, because the road here is beginning to go around the back side of Haleakala National Park. Due to the terrain, most car rental contracts don’t allow driving along the back side.

Having a jeep may be an option. (A jeep is a good choice for driving the Hana Highway anyway.)

Alternatively, some Hana waterfall tours take you to these falls.

Alele Falls, Maui:

Location: If you continue beyond the Pools at Oheo (#14 above), the trailhead is just past the 39-mile marker on the Piilani Highway (Hwy 31), where it points out the Alelele Bridge. The start is on the right side of the bridge, facing the mountains.

See: Alele Bridge on Google Maps (Alele Falls themselves aren’t on Google Maps)

Tip: Because the trail is easy and the falls are never busy, this is one of the best Maui waterfalls to take the kids and enjoy a relaxing family time.

Paradise isn’t perfect on the island of Maui

It's best not to dunk your head underwater in tropical freshwater pools.
It’s best not to dunk your head underwater in tropical freshwater pools

So, that’s it, fellow Hawaii adventurers! We told you there’s no shortage of stunning waterfalls to explore on your Maui vacation.

But even paradise isn’t perfect.

You should keep your head above water when swimming in freshwater streams or pools in Hawaii. This is to protect against a leptospirosis bacterial infection, common in tropical destinations around the globe.

That aside – whether you decide to explore all the recommendations on our list of best waterfalls on Maui, or just a few – we have no doubt you’ll fall in love with these natural wonders and will want to come back soon!

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Best Waterfalls in Maui

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You have your photos switched with Makahiku and Waimoku.

Your first photo is supposed to be Waimoku, but in fact, this is Makahiku.

Your 13th waterfall is supposed to be Makahiku, but in fact, it's Waimoku.

I've lived here 40 years and ran a hiking company for 30 years. Been to all these falls many many times. You did a pretty good job, but please correct this mistake.

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We do appreciate readers correcting any mis-information in our travel articles.

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