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19 Best Water Sandals for Women

Don’t you hate it when you get your nice sandals wet?

Personally, I can’t stand knowing I’ve ruined my good sandals. So anytime I know my feet will be getting near water (kayaking, anyone?), I make sure to pop on a pair of water sandals.

Now, if you need a cute pair of sandals for daily wear and sightseeing, we’ve already written about the best travel sandals.

And if you’re looking for regular flip-flops, head on over to our post on the best flip-flops and beach sandals for women.

But stick around here for the best water sandals for women – because the ones in this list are especially suited to water activities!

Best Water Sandals for Women

What to look for in women’s water sandals

Quality and durability

When wearing water shoes, you’re likely to be participating in activities on varying terrain, so you want your shoes to hold up.


Some material is more comfortable than others. (I’ve had water sandals which rub, causing blisters – not fun!)

You also want to look for materials that are breathable if the shoes offer full coverage.

Fit and comfort

Since you’ll be on your feet most of the time while wearing water shoes, a comfortable fit is key. If you have high arches, then get shoes with good arch support.

Durable water shoes for women

The problem with many water sandals is that when you’re constantly in and out of the water, they may not last very long. I’ve found salt water, especially, wreaks havoc on rubber.

I’ve thus done my best to make sure all these shoes are made by reputable brands and are sturdy.

No one wants their footwear coming to pieces while rock-hopping across a river!

Best Water Sandals for Women

19 Best water sandals for women

You know how much I love Amazon for easy shopping, so that’s where you’ll find the following water-friendly sandals. Better yet, most are eligible for Prime shipping! (And if you had any doubts, it’s me, Janice the female half behind this blog, writing this post.)

Anyway, I’m so excited for you to try some of these out. They really will make your water activities much more enjoyable.

Prices shown are in US dollars. As an Amazon associate, we earn from qualifying purchases.

More women’s water shoes and water sandals

That’s it for the best water sandals for women!

If you need more ideas, head over to and have a look around.

And if you’re looking for footwear for your man? See our post on the best flip-flops for men – ones that are comfy in summer!

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Best Water Sandals for Women

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