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Viking Ocean Cruises Review + Viking Sea Review (Caribbean)

Are you planning a voyage on one of Viking’s ocean-going cruise ships? Lucky you!

We’ve enjoyed two longer cruises with them now.

This is our second Viking Ocean Cruises review – our Viking Sea review of our 11-day Caribbean cruise.

Our other review of the Viking Star is based on our first Viking cruise, a 14-day northern European voyage (Viking Homelands cruise).

We’ve also written about Viking’s drinks menu and their Silver Spirits package – in case you want to know all about whether it’s worth paying extra for the package!

Anyway, back to this review of Viking Ocean Cruises…

We’re going to start in the middle – with our shore excursion in St. Thomas. Because it will give you an idea of what it’s like to cruise on a Viking ocean ship.

On our Viking Sea cruise, we get views of Magens Bay on St. Thomas.
On our Viking Sea cruise, we get beautiful views of Magens Bay on St. Thomas

St. Thomas shore excursion

Our jaunty open-sided minibus grinds its way up a twisty road on our Viking Sea Caribbean cruise excursion.

The free shore excursion is a scenic tour of St. Thomas.

In St. Thomas, a scenic island tour in this safari-style minibus is one of the free shore excursions
In St. Thomas, a scenic island tour in this safari-style minibus is one of the free shore excursions

A sudden downpour blankets what should be panoramic views at the mountain top 2,100 feet above sea level.

Well, there goes that idea,” moans one of our fellow guests, dressed for sunny safari weather, camera at the ready.

The sun takes pity on us, however, at the Magens Bay viewpoint on the way down.

Peeking out, it reveals the come-hither curve of white sand below that’s consistently voted one of the world’s 10 most beautiful beaches.

And what’s this? Waiters from our cruise ship circulate rum punches from a pop-up stand set up by a roadside stop.

How to cheer us up this grey day on our Caribbean cruise!

Viking Ocean Cruises reviews

We're cruising the Caribbean on the Viking Sea
We first sailed on the Viking Star in northern Europe; now we’re cruising the Caribbean on the Viking Sea

The Viking Sea is the second ship in Viking Ocean Cruises’ fleet of 930-passenger vessels.

Viking built its reputation on river cruising. Viking River Cruises counts almost 80 river vessels in its fleet, plying the waterways of Europe, Egypt and elsewhere.

Now, ever since branching out into ocean cruising in 2015, it’s also made a name for itself with its affordable-luxury, ocean-going cruises.

Viking simply has some of the best new cruise ships out there! And they go the extra mile to offer a great value cruise experience.

Read other reviews of Viking Ocean Cruises on Cruise Critic or other reputable sites and you’ll see they agree with us.

Road Town, Tortola, is one of the island stops on our Viking Ocean Cruises' Caribbean trip
Road Town, Tortola, is one of the island stops on our Viking Ocean Cruises’ Caribbean trip

Viking Ocean Cruises excursions

Part of the appeal to Viking’s ocean-going cruises is the one free shore excursion offered in every port (like our St. Thomas tour) – something that all Viking Ocean Cruises shore excursion reviews note.

Complimentary shore excursions are rare on ocean cruises, unless they’re expedition-oriented.

In St. Kitts, we toured the Fairview Great House, an 18th century plantation manor
In St. Kitts, we tour the Fairview Great House, an 18th century plantation manor with lovely gardens

On our Caribbean cruise, we also enjoy included tours like bus and ferry tickets to explore Bermuda on our own; a visit to a centuries-old plantation manor in St. Kitts; and a guided walking tour of Old San Juan in Puerto Rico.

(Additional optional tours are also offered on each cruise.)

Bermuda and Caribbean cruise
We ride Bermuda’s excellent buses to see the island and swim at a beach like this

We’re given complimentary bottles of water when leaving the ship and iced facecloths when we return.

Some 50 crew members even line up on the dock as we reboard one drizzly afternoon – to shield us from the rain with red Viking umbrellas.

And they hand us glasses of bubbly too!

A tugboat gives the Viking Sea an assist to get into Bermuda's Hamilton harbor
A tugboat gives the Viking Sea an assist to get into Bermuda’s Hamilton harbor

Our Viking Caribbean cruise itinerary

New York

Hamilton, Bermuda

St. John’s, Antigua

Roseau, Dominica

St. Kitts (Basseterre)

Philipsburg, St. Martin

Tortola, BVI

St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands

San Juan, Puerto Rico

Our Caribbean islands cruise itinerary from New York to San Juan
Our Caribbean islands cruise itinerary from New York to San Juan

Viking Ocean Cruise ships

Guests, many repeat, also like the design of the Viking ships.

Viking ocean ships

Viking Star was the first ship in Viking’s ocean fleet. And we’ve mentioned that Viking Sea was the second (2016).

Then came Viking Sky (2017), Viking Sun (2017), Viking Orion 2018) and Viking Jupiter (2019).

In 2021, Viking Venus debuted. Viking Mars came along in 2022. And Viking Neptune is slated to begin her inaugural voyage – a world cruise – in December, 2022.

Come 2023, a new ship, the Viking Saturn will set sail, making a total of 10 Viking ocean-going ships.

They’re almost identical, except for the Viking Orion and Viking Jupiter. They each boast the addition of a high-tech planetarium called the Explorer’s Dome.

These ships reflect the clean Scandinavian aesthetic favored by Viking’s Norwegian founder, Torstein Hagen.

The soaring atrium has a high-resolution digital screen displaying different paintings

Light streams in through big glass windows, bouncing off blonde wood floors.

Staircase railings are wrapped in ivory leather.

And modernist paintings by Edvard Munch and other Norwegian artists adorn the walls; the Viking Sea showcases more than $3.3 million USD of art.

(You can even download a Viking Art Guide app for a narrated tour.)

The ship pays homage to the Viking longships of old with a mini-museum display of Viking memorabilia
The ship pays homage to the Viking longships of old with a mini-museum display of Viking memorabilia

Viking expedition ships

In addition to the above 10 ships, Viking introduced two expedition ships in 2022, Viking Octantis and Viking Polaris.

Polar-class vessels, they can voyage to Antarctica and the Arctic.

Carrying 378 passengers each, they’re dedicated to adventure cruising and offer a very different experience compared to Viking’s larger ships.

The outdoor spaces are heated (to take the chill off when visiting the polar regions).

And many cabins have cool Nordic balconies. With these, the top half of a glass floor-to-ceiling window opens down so it becomes a glass railing, proving an open-air balcony of sorts.

And get this – the expedition vessels carry two submarines each. Plus, the cost for your sub dive is included in your cruise fare.

Viking Sea review: Cabins

Viking Ocean Cruise staterooms (standard size 270 square feet) are particularly well thought out.

Most Viking Sea cabins look like this
Most Viking Sea cabins look like this

Fancy gazing at a kaleidoscope of colorful island scenes from your balcony – cold gin-and-tonic in hand (the complimentary sodas restocked in your mini-fridge daily) – as you sail away each afternoon?

Well, all Viking Sea staterooms have balconies with rattan chairs and glass railings.

Beds are king-size too, dressed with soft white duvets.

We also have a Nespresso-style coffee maker in our Deluxe Veranda room.

And a swack of convenient USB bedside and other plugs means we can recharge our phones, iPad, laptop and cameras all at the same time, without the nuisance of charging first one, then the other.

Oh, and wait till you see the bathrooms!

They come with heated floors – great for warming tootsies if you’re cruising northern Europe. (But we ask our steward to turn off the heat on our tropical cruise.)

And you can easily lather up in the glass walk-in shower without bumping into the sides.

Explorers’ Lounge

Early in our cruise, we spend time in the two-story Explorers’ Lounge at the bow with its floor-to-ceiling windows.

Sinking into buttery leather sofas draped with reindeer pelts, we thumb through books about Amundsen, Cook and other explorers, then check out the telescopes.

Light and bright, the Explorers' Lounge at the front of the ship is a lovely spot to read
Light and bright, the Explorers’ Lounge at the front of the ship is a lovely spot to read

You can browse scads of intriguing books all over the ship.

We offer our guests the thinking man’s cruise, not the drinking man’s cruise,” Torstein has said.

But only in the Explorers’ Lounge will you find Mamsen’s.

The traditional Norwegian café serves delicacies like gravlax on toast and steak tartare, and best of all, made-to-order waffles with sour cream and berries.

Gravlax on toast, shrimp cocktail and steak tartare are the savory specialties in Mamsen's.
Gravlax on toast, shrimp cocktail and steak tartare are the savory specialties in Mamsen’s

The pools

When the weather heats up, we gravitate to the decks outside.

Some guests laze by the central main pool, which has a glass retractable roof.

Cushioned loungers and plush seating areas, with overhead shade, invite dozing and reading.

When we're not in port, we like relaxing by the infinity pool at the back of the Viking Sea.
When we’re not in port, we like relaxing by the infinity pool at the back of the Viking Sea

We prefer hanging out by the striking glass infinity pool at the stern though.

Looking out from the pool’s warm water, you feel as if you’re swimming in the sea – why get off the ship!

Afternoon tea

On Viking Ocean Cruises' ships, the Wintergarden is the perfect place for afternoon tea.
On Viking Ocean Cruises’ ships, the Wintergarden is the perfect place for afternoon tea

Indeed, in Sint Maarten, where a behemoth ship also docks, we stick close to “home” – which means we don’t miss afternoon tea.

And so at 4:00 pm in the Wintergarden solarium, we order Earl Grey from a menu of 25 loose-leaf teas, served in a white teapot.

A waiter delivers a three-tiered cake tower with almond tarts and crustless cucumber sandwiches, along with plates of warm scones, clotted cream and jam.

A trio of musicians plays classical melodies in the background.

Afternoon tea on the Viking Sea
Our afternoon tea on the Viking Sea

Admittedly, it’s not as if we need tea, what with dinner to look forward to later.

Viking Sea dining options

Talk about great food!

When the weather is fair, we like eating breakfast and lunch outside on the deck on the Viking Sea cruise ship.
When the weather is fair, we like eating breakfast and lunch outside on the deck

Along with the main dining room, two specialty restaurants vie for our tastebuds.

Manfredi’s Italian restaurant

Our favorite, Manfredi’s, is probably the best Italian restaurant at sea.

Black-and-white marble floors and vintage photos of Italian actors on the walls lend it an authentic Italian feel, and it has a lively buzz.

We love dining in the Italian Manfredi's restaurant on Viking Ocean Cruises.
We love dining in the Italian Manfredi’s restaurant

Must try: the Bistecca Fiorentina rib eye steak – rubbed with chili, brown sugar and mushroom powder – perfectly broiled to your liking.

The hand-rolled gnocchi in black truffle cream is a worthy appetizer.

The Chef’s Table

The Chef's Table is one of two no-charge specialty restaurants on the Viking Sea
The Chef’s Table is one of two no-charge specialty restaurants on the Viking Sea

The Chef’s Table, on the other hand, pushes the culinary boundaries.

Set five-course menus rotate every three days.

The amusing “Sweet and Salty” pairings are especially fun.

Passion fruit with grilled scallops and beets? Grand Marnier Bavarian cream and strawberry sauce with basil jelly and black Hawaiian lava salt? It works.

Viking Ocean Cruises’ entertainment

After dinner, we check out the entertainment.

More classy than glitzy, it caters to the mature tastes of the well-traveled audience from Australia, Britain and North America.

Torshavn reminds you a little of the Hollywood jazz lounges of the 1940s.
Torshavn reminds you a little of the Hollywood jazz lounges of the 1940s

We enjoy performances by a talented ventriloquist one evening, a classical crossover pianist the next.

Guest lecturers include a ship historian, BBC producer and marine biologist – and their lectures are pretty enriching too.

Puerto Rico

Our cruise ends in Old San Juan - and what a pleasant surprise it is!
Our cruise ends in Old San Juan – and what a pleasant surprise it is!

In Old San Juan (our last port of call), we’re surprised the colonial buildings, shops and restaurants look in such good shape – here, you’d hardly know Puerto Rico was very badly hit by Hurricane Irma in 2017.

We linger on the cobblestone streets, reluctant to start packing.

Pink and lemon parasols strung high above Fortaleza Street – a new art installation – catch our eye. They make us smile as we walk back to the ship.

Viking Sea Review of our Caribbean cruise
Cruise ships docked in the Caribbean

Viking’s recipe for success?

Viking Ocean Cruises has struck a sweet spot with its stylish mid-size vessels.

All of Viking Ocean Cruises’ ships are adults only cruises; passengers must be 18 or older.

This makes for a more refined experience than cruising on a family-friendly ship. Indeed, Viking is one of the best cruise lines for adults.

The cruise line’s “no nickel-and-diming” philosophy is a hit too.

Along with complimentary shore excursions, you get free unlimited WiFi; free self-serve laundry; and complimentary wine, beer and soft drinks at lunch and dinner.

There’s no extra charge either for the specialty restaurants or to use the Nordic Spa (complete with hydrotherapy mineral pools, steam room and “snow grotto”).

Use of the hot and cold pools in the thermal spa is complimentary on Viking Ocean Cruises
Use of the hot and cold pools in the thermal spa is complimentary on Viking Ocean Cruises

Don’t worry about lugging along a tux or evening gown either. There are no formal nights.

The dress code is much more relaxed – think “elegant casual” in the evening.

Where does Viking sail?

Viking Ocean Cruises itineraries

Viking Ocean Cruises specializes in two-week Baltic and Scandinavian cruises.

But itineraries run the gamut from “quiet season Mediterranean” and Caribbean cruises to voyages in Australia and Asia.

Where do you want to go? Do you hanker for Paris?

Viking river and ocean cruises

Want the best of both river and ocean cruising?

You can do both on the same trip.

Viking’s combination cruises allow you to seamlessly tack on, for example, a northern Europe ocean cruise to a Viking river cruise on the Danube or Rhine.

That’s a wrap for our Viking Ocean Cruises review on the Viking Sea!

Viking Cruises has garnered a slew of awards over the years for its ocean ships – from “#1 Ocean Cruise Line” (by Travel + Leisure readers) to “Best Overall Ship” (Cruise Critic annual cruisers’ choice awards).

We’re fans too, and look forward to our next Viking ocean cruise.

Have you sailed on Viking Ocean Cruises?

What do you think of our Viking Sea cruise review?

You can let us know in the Comments section below.

For more information: See the Viking Cruises’ website.

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Review of Viking Ocean Cruises in the Caribbean
Viking Ocean Cruises review of the Viking Sea cruise ship

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Tuesday 13th of July 2021

We are leaving Viking Orion in an hr to fly home from Bermuda. We experienced a relaxing first class one week Bermuda cruise around the archipelago. The staff were cheerful, accommodating and very prompt.

We had the penthouse veranda suite which was a well proportioned 320 or so sq. feet.

The food was very good, with the exception of "The Chef's Table". Our first dinner there was a Mexican theme which was ok, but portions are tiny. The second time it was a California theme which was flat out bad. One potato chip, one, with garnish for the appetizer! A crab cake which was nothing but tasteless filler, no lump crab meat to be found. The third course was an ice version of a "Moscow Mule" vodka drink. We refused that and they brought us a sorbet. The main course was seabass, which was a substitute for Haddock. It was ok, but lacked taste and seasoning. Sadly the desert was the best course with this dinner.

The premium wine pairings were baffling also, Riesling? From California for the appetizer? A Sauvignon Blanc would've been more appropriate.

The portions were tiny, the choices didn't match any California cuisine we have ever experienced, and most wine pairings weren't California wine standards.

Viking needs to rebrand this restaurant and make it a more high end offering with better dishes.

With that said, Manfredi's was very good, The Restaurant was also and the World Cafe also had a good quality buffet for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

The clientele were on average in their 70's in our view, but that was fine.

No screaming kids at the pool or drunk millenials at the bars. We rank Viking up there with Silversea, different in some ways, but high end and very enjoyable.

We will be back!

Janice and George

Tuesday 13th of July 2021

Hi Ed,

Thanks for the excellent write-up of your recent experience on the Viking Orion! (Too bad you found the Chef's Table disappointing though...)

It's nice to hear that, overall, you enjoyed the Viking cruise experience -- and will cruise with Viking again :-).

Thanks again for taking the time to share your thoughts...

Gary Graff

Sunday 20th of June 2021

Agree with your positive comments after our first Viking cruise from Bergen to London featuring UK & Ireland. We're booked for Viking Sea in January 2022 in the Caribbean and on the Orion for Alaska. The bucket list includes the Great Lanes and Norway.

Prior to Viking, we had 28 cruises with another line, ranging from Hawaii to the Baltic, Iceland and many in the Caribbean.

Viking is a welcome change from schlock art auctions, psuedo tv shows, casinos and bingo, and cruise directors characterized as buffoons. Viking is definitely for the mature traveller who loves to wander, but is never lost.

Janice and George

Sunday 20th of June 2021

Thanks for sharing!

Your last paragraph nails the Viking experience spot-on :-).

Enjoy your Viking cruises in the Caribbean and Alaska next year...

Michael Thornal

Wednesday 19th of May 2021

What are mask requirements for covid?

Janice and George

Wednesday 19th of May 2021

Hi Michael,

See Viking's Health & Safety program and Health and Safety FAQs.

The Viking Cruises website says: "Face masks may be required for all guests and crew while moving about the ship, depending on conditions at time of sailing." It also says: "Viking may require guests and staff to wear a face mask while ashore, depending on local requirements."

This the current policy for when Viking Ocean Cruises resumes sailing.

Hope this answers your question!