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15 Best Things to Do in Kauai for Free (for Luxe Lovers Too!)

Just touched down on the Garden Island and wondering about things to do in Kauai for free?

Though we’re all about luxury travel, luxury isn’t always about the price tag. 

Sometimes the best things in life really are free, and Kauai’s no exception. Think gaping at jaw-dropping landscapes like Waimea Canyon, toasting sunsets that defy description and chilling at secluded beach spots.

The fact is that many of the best activities you can enjoy on Kauai just happen to be free!

We’ve spent serious vacation time on Kauai and picked up some useful tips along the way. So get ready to explore this Hawaiian paradise – without spending a cent!

Things to do in Kauai for free include hanging out on the beach in Poipu!
Kauai offers lots of great things you can do for free (beaching is tops!)

15 Things do in Kauai for free

Maybe we got carried away when we said “without spending a cent.”

If we were being nit-picky, we’d note that many of the following 15 free things to do in Kauai require a rental car. And gas. So that means you have to spend some money on renting a car and filling up the gas tank.

To be totally accurate, we should probably call the driving excursions cheap things to do in Kauai.

Whatever, it’s still worth paying a little for a millionaire-worthy reward, right?

Here, then, are our favorite free Kauai activities.

Free things to do in Poipu and Kauai’s South Shore

1) Hang out at Poipu Beach Park

You came to Kauai partly because you love the beach, right? So let’s cut to the chase.

One of the best things to do in Kauai for free is to plant yourself on Poipu Beach. Tucked away on the island’s South Shore, it’s one of Kauai’s top swimming beaches.

Children playing on Poipu Beach
Poipu Beach has a swimming cove that’s very kid-friendly

Poipu Beach offers two distinct coves, separated by a sand spit.

With shallow calm waters, the left cove is a haven for families with small children. The right cove has some coral masses and offers good snorkeling.

This side of Kauai (i.e., the South Shore) is our favorite area to stay in the winter months because it’s typically sunnier than, say, Kauai’s North Shore.

You’ll also find a good range of fine accommodations in the Poipu area.

So for sun, sea, a lifeguard on duty – and maybe even some monk seals if you’re lucky – hit Poipu Beach.

Yes, the North Shore has several beautiful beaches too, like Hanalei Bay and Tunnels Beach. But for reliably good, year-round beaching weather, Poipu Beach takes the prize.

2) Walk the Maha’ulepu Heritage Trail

Red cliffs rising behind blue ocean on the Mahaulepu Heritage Trail, Kauai
Stunning scenes like this greet you along the Maha’ulepu Heritage Trail

Having hiked the Maha’ulepu Heritage Trail several times, we can say without a doubt that it’s easily another one of our favorite free activities in Kauai. (The fact that it’s free is just a bonus.)

Starting at Shipwreck Beach (near the Grand Hyatt Kauai Resort) and ending at the untamed Maha’ulepu Beach, this four-mile roundtrip trail is a visual feast.

It winds along the top of towering cliffs, alongside natural sand dunes and ever-changing tide pools. The sea below is absolutely electric in shades of blue.

Along with stunning scenery, you escape the crowds on this cliff walk. And you might even spot Hawaiian monk seals catching some rays at Maha’ulepu Beach.

Just a heads-up: Maha’ulepu Beach at the end isn’t the safest for swimming (it can be rough).

3) Learn about monk seals

So you’ve spied a monk seal or two on Kauai? They’re quite the sight!

They’re kinda cute and gentle, weigh from 400 to 600 pounds, have distinctive neck folds and tend to live alone.

Hawaiian monk seal sleeping on Poipu Beach
A monk seal basks on the beach in Poipu

But, sadly, they’re endangered.

One of the unfortunate facts about Hawaii is that the population of monk seals – one of only two mammal species native to Hawaii – has shrunk to less than 1,400 monk seals.

Their numbers are declining as a result of disease, loss of habitat, getting entangled in old fishing lines and so on.

Learning about Hawaiian monk seals is truly fascinating and, if you’re vacationing with the family, ranks as one of best free things to do in Kauai with kids.

Remember, though, that if you see one, don’t approach it. You’ll stress the creature – and it’s also illegal. Observe from a safe distance instead and let it enjoy its nap in peace.

4) Drive through the Tree Tunnel

This majestic tree tunnel greets you as you drive into Poipu.
This majestic tree tunnel greets you as you drive into Poipu

You can’t miss the famous Kauai Tree Tunnel if you’re driving to Poipu.

That’s because this one-mile stretch of Maluhia Road (Highway 520) is the gateway to Kauai’s South Shore (Koloa Town and Poipu Beach).

It’s lined with over 500 majestic Eucalyptus trees, planted more than 100 years ago.

As the trees grew, their branches linked above, forming the leafy canopy over the narrow road.

(It’s difficult to take pictures of the Tree Tunnel, though, as there are hardly any safe places to pull off the road and park.)

5) See the Spouting Horn blowhole

The Spouting Horn Blowhole is one of most photographed spots on Kauai’s South Shore.
The Spouting Horn is one of most photographed spots on Kauai’s South Shore

When you’re exploring Kauai’s South Shore, the Spouting Horn blowhole is a natural wonder you don’t want to overlook.

Here, ocean waves burst up through a lava rock formation, creating a huge plume of water that can reach heights of 50 feet. And oooh – when the water shoots through, it makes a loud eerie noise.

This sensory experience reminds you just how powerful nature can be. (Be sure you don’t get too close and stay behind the guardrail, as people have died here.)

The Spouting Horn is a quick and easy stop when you’re out and about on the southern coast. It’s only a 10-minute drive west of Poipu Beach (#1 above).

6) Tour the Kauai Coffee Estate

The Kauai Coffee Company’s visitor center

Just whisper the word “coffee” and you’ve got George’s attention. He’s a die-hard java junkie.

So when we heard about the Kauai Coffee Estate – and how it’s the largest coffee farm in the U.S. – we just had to visit.

It turns out this isn’t just any farm. This place is a Kauai must-do if you have even a passing love of coffee.

Meander through rows of coffee trees. And learn the nitty-gritty about the coffee bean journey on Kauai, from seed to cup.

Self-guided walking tours are free. Tasting the estate’s own Hawaiian brews is also part of the deal – free too.

Who said luxury can’t be caffeinated?

7) Watch the sunset on Kauai

A sunset paints the Kauai sky pink and purple.
A sunset paints the Kauai sky pink and purple

This one’s real simple. Kauai’s sunsets are magical.

You can enjoy the sunset in Kauai most places on the island.

Now, other guides on the top free things to do in Kauai may suggest that Hanalei Bay (on the North Shore) is the perfect place to watch the sunset.

And, sure, it’s gorgeous!

But we’ve seen the sunset on the North Shore and the eastern side and the South Shore.

And they’re all great sunset spots in our view. The South Shore might even have an edge since it’s more westerly facing!

So no matter where you happen to be on Kauai when dusk descends, just go outside and watch the sun and sky perform their colorful evening dance. No need for Instagram filters – Mother Nature’s got this.

Free things to do in West Kauai

8) Marvel at Waimea Canyon

When you’re ready to swap the beach towel for a mega dose of the island’s astounding natural beauty, Waimea Canyon State Park is a must-see Kauai attraction.

Waimea Canyon, Kauai, at sunrise
Kauai’s Waimea Canyon at sunrise

It’s often referred to as the “Grand Canyon of the Pacific.”

And it lives up to its name! This geological marvel is about a mile wide and features cliffs that tower up to 3,600 feet in height.

To get there, take Waimea Canyon Drive (also known as Highway 550) into the island’s interior.

Along this route, you’ll find numerous lookout points that offer astounding views of the canyon’s rich red and ochre cliffs. These colors make for a striking contrast with Kauai’s typical lush greenery and ocean blues.

It’s one of the best free excursions on Kauai, so make a day of it.

We recommend bringing a picnic – perhaps some sandwiches, local Hawaiian fruits and water – to stave off hunger and thirst, as there are few options for food and drink.

9) Take in the views from the Pu’u O Kila Lookout

Looking out over the glorious Kalalau Valley from the Pu’u O Kila Lookout
Looking out over the glorious Kalalau Valley from the Pu’u O Kila Lookout

You can enjoy arguably the most breathtaking Kauai views from the Pu’u O Kila Lookout in Koke’e State Park.

From this vantage point over 4,000 feet high, you look out at Kalalau Valley, the widest valley on the Na Pali Coast.

Far in the distance, you can just make out Kalalau Beach, which is at the end of the Kalalau Trail (#14 below).

Pro tip: The views are even better here than at the Kalalau Lookout, a mile back on Waimea Canyon Road.

The best time to get here is in the morning. The earlier you go, the better your chances of being treated to a clear view, unobstructed by drifting clouds.

Free things to do in East Kauai

10) Watch the sunrise at Lydgate State Park

The sun peeks over the horizon, illuminating a weathered log in the sand at Lydgate Beach.
The sun peeks over the horizon, illuminating a weathered log in the sand at Lydgate Beach

Calling all early birds! One of your best free Kauai experiences is to watch the sun rise.

Of course, you need a great viewpoint that faces east. Located on the east side of the island, Lydgate Beach Park nails the sunrise game.

You’ll get a front-row seat to the sun’s morning debut. Bring your coffee thermos, as there are picnic tables to sit and watch the sky do its thing.

And all it costs is waking up early.

11) Admire Wailua Falls

You don’t need to do a hike to see Wailua Falls, as they can be viewed from the side of the road.
You don’t need to do a hike to see Wailua Falls, as they can be viewed from the side of the road

Do you remember the long-running TV series Fantasy Island? The opening credits start with alluring shots of Wailua Falls – also one of the must-see Kauai sites.

The twin falls on the Wailua River cascade down at least 80 feet (though some say they seem taller – this depends on the amount of rainfall, which makes them look as if they’re starting higher up).

You can view the falls easily from the road.

From Highway 56 north of Lihue, drive north on Maalo Road (Highway 583) to the end, where you’ll hit the vista point.

Just another great free Kauai activity to enjoy!

Free things to do in Princeville and Kauai’s North Shore

12) Poke around the town of Hanalei

The town of Hanalei, Kauai, is small but oh-so-cute!
The town of Hanalei is small but oh-so-cute!

Hanalei is the cutest town in Kauai to stroll about.

Exuding a surfer vibe, it’s filled with many quaint historic buildings – we love their inviting porches!

Browse the contemporary art galleries displaying locally made wood carvings, the surfboard shops, cafés, ice cream parlors, excellent food trucks and the small boutiques selling Hawaiian souvenirs.

To get to Hanalei, you need to cross a historic one-lane bridge – always fun!

We know this guide is about free things to do on Kauai.

But if you’d like to nibble your way through the best restaurants in Hanalei, here’s a guided walking food tour from Ono Kauai Food Tours. It gets top reviews and is a unique way to explore Hanalei.

13) Photograph the Wai’oli Hui’ia Church

The green Wai’oli Hui’ia Church in Hanalei is Insta-worthy.
The Wai’oli Hui’ia Church in Hanalei is Insta-worthy

While strolling about Hanalei, be sure to snap a photo of the town’s landmark – the emerald green Wai’oli Hui’ia Church.

Built in 1837, it has lovely stained-glass windows and is on the National Register of Historic Places.

14) Hike the Kalalau Trail

This trail offers outdoor adventurers the very best of Kauai, without the need for emptying any pockets. It’s the mother of all hiking trails on the island!

Wet and muddy section of the famous Kalalau Trail, Kauai
An easy section of the famous Kalalau Trail

The Kalalau Trail is an 11-mile path that runs along the scenic Na Pali Coast, starting from Ke’e Beach and ending at the secluded Kalalau Beach, accessible only on foot.

You need at least two days and a camping permit to complete the whole trail. And it’s for serious backpackers only.

So, like us, many people opt for a shorter day trip, covering just the first two miles to Hanakapi’ai Falls, where there’s a beach to have your lunch.

It’s a great way to get a taste of the trail – and you avoid the challenging part from Hanakapi’ai Falls on.

The views along the way are nothing short of epic. Every twist and turn of the trail through the rainforest offers a new vantage point – of lofty sea cliffs and the ocean meeting the sky.

But be aware that even the shorter trail portion is challenging. It can be slippery when wet, and the famous red-ochre soil will end up on your hiking clothes and gear, no matter what. You’ll want some trusty hiker’s footwear for the trail.

15) See Kilauea Point Lighthouse

The Kilauea Lighthouse perches on a rocky peninsula 180 feet above the Pacific, at the northernmost tip of Kauai.
The Kilauea Lighthouse perches on a rocky peninsula 180 feet above the Pacific, at the northernmost tip of Kauai

When you’re hunting for Kauai activities for free, add visiting the Kilauea Point National Wildlife Refuge and lighthouse to your list.

Completed in 1913, the 52-foot-high Kilauea Lighthouse stands on bluffs soaring some 180 feet above the ocean. In days gone by, sailors would have needed the guidance of the light to safely navigate these waters off Kauai’s northernmost tip.

At the parking lot, you can see the lighthouse for free.

But there’s a fee of $11 per adult to do the short walk (about ¼ a mile) through the refuge to the lighthouse. (Reservations are needed.)

It’s worth it though.

The refuge is home to seabirds like the red-footed booby and Laysan albatross. Just watch out for the bird poop!

And even though you can’t climb up the lighthouse itself, the ocean views from the top of the bluffs are awesome enough.

That wraps up what to do in Kauai for free!

Best things to do in Kauai for free
Isn’t Kauai a slice of paradise?

So there you have it, our handpicked list of the best things to do on Kauai for free.

From hiking emerald and orange landscapes sans crowds to beaching and watching soul-stirring sunsets, the Garden Isle delivers what we consider first-rate luxury experiences – completely on the house.

Nature lovers, especially, love Kauai.

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Best free things to do in Kauai

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