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Planning to visit Sri Lanka?

Good decision! Sri Lanka is a fascinating country.

You’ll find beautiful beaches and cool mountains for hiking and tea touring. There are 8 epic UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Sri Lanka too.

Sri Lanka trip planning

Itinerary: See this 2-week Sri Lanka itinerary and luxury Sri Lanka guide

Must-do train ride: Take the scenic train from Kandy to Ella – it’s one of the world’s best train journeys!

Hotels: Check out these insanely gorgeous hotels in Sri Lanka

Kandy: Don’t miss these incredible places to visit in Kandy

Quick Sri Lanka information

Sri Lanka travel information

About: Tear-shaped island in Southeast Asia, covering 25,333 sq. miles (65,612 sq. km)

Population: About 22 million (in 2023)

Languages: Sinhala, Tamil and English

Currency: Sri Lanka rupee (LKR)

Capital city: Colombo

5 Fun facts about Sri Lanka

1) Sri Lanka is nicknamed the “Pearl of the Indian Ocean”

2) The word “serendipity” comes from “Serendip”– the old name for Sri Lanka

3) One of Buddha’s teeth is said to be housed in a temple in Kandy

4) Sri Lanka is home to the oldest tree planted by humans (a sacred fig tree, planted in 288 BC)

5) The world’s first female prime minister was Sri Lankan

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