You’ll love these 2 peachy Mykonos hotels on the beach!

By Janice and George | July 20, 2017

Close to Mykonos town’s colorful tavernas? Check. With character and charm? Check. These two peachy beach hotels on Mykonos fit the bill.

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resorts with private pools - St. Nicolas Bay

You want swank? These villa resorts with private pools are tops

By Janice and George | September 16, 2016

As travel writers, we’re often asked: What’s the best hotel you’ve stayed in? These swanky villa resorts with private pools top our list.

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St. Nicolas Bay Crete

St. Nicolas Bay Resort: Chilling at one of the best hotels in Crete

By Janice and George | June 2, 2015

After exploring many of Greece’s archaeological sites, chilling out at St. Nicolas Bay Resort, one of the best hotels in Crete, was the travel prescription we needed.

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Voyages to Antiquity cruise in the Aegean

By Janice and George | March 24, 2015

The tiny medieval island of Monemvasia is just one reason we chose this off-the-beaten-path Voyages to Antiquity cruise in the Aegean.

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boutique hotels in rhodes

Getting drenched! And 3 boutique hotels in Rhodes we like

By Janice and George | February 16, 2015

Like drenched cats, with wet suitcases and a wicked wind blowing, we huddle under a canopy, not knowing where to find our hotel on this Greek island.

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top yachting destinations

The 3 top yachting destinations

By Janice and George | February 2, 2015

Looking for pinch-me-I’m-dreaming scenery, historical heritage or grand adventure? Why not charter a yacht? One that would make Jack Sparrow drool with envy.

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ruins ancient Philippi

Soaking up history at the ancient Philippi ruins

By Janice and George | December 5, 2014

History whispers around every corner at the ancient Philippi ruins. It was named after Philip of Macedonia, Alexander the Great’s father.

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Athens: Worth visiting for both its ancient treasures and modern delights

By Janice and George | November 3, 2014

Athens – the birthplace of democracy, western philosophy, and classical art and architecture. But though home to beautiful ruins and ancient treasures, it doesn’t live in the past.

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Grace Santorini

Where to stay in Santorini? Swoon over the pool at the Grace Santorini

By Janice and George | June 19, 2014

We swoon over hotels with swimming pools high above the sea and fab views. So when deciding where to stay in Santorini, we chose the Grace Santorini.

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Santorini donkeys

Hi, we’re Santorini donkeys. Welcome to our island!

By Janice and George | May 13, 2014

Hello there. We’re Santorini donkeys. Some people say we’re smelly and may nip you. And some say you shouldn’t ride us. Most visitors find our “donkey rides” terrifying and fun at the same time.

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Ikies Traditional Houses

Ikies Traditional Houses: A stunning Santorini cave hotel

By Janice and George | July 25, 2013

Don’t think Santorini’s cave hotels are hobbity holes. Take Ikies Traditional Houses. Carved into the cliffs, these boutique digs with views are stunning! 

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Reveling in ruins on Voyages to Antiquity cruise

By Janice and George | October 20, 2012

Venice. The medieval walled city of Korcula. Crete. Voyages to Antiquity cruises the Mediterranean, introducing you to the history, art, myths and culture of the classical civilizations.

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Vedema Resort wows with discreet luxury

By Janice and George | August 19, 2012

We figured if Vedema Resort was good enough for Brangelina, Lady Gaga and Heidi Klum, it was good enough for us. And we weren’t disappointed. 

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