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How many ways can you say exotic? Then put Asia on your bucket list!

Read on to discover Asia travel tips – including epic things to do, itinerary ideas, best hotels and more!

Quick Asia information:

Asia travel information
About: World’s largest continent covering 17,212,000 sq. miles (44,579,000 sq. km)

Population: 4.65 billion (in 2020) – 60% (!) of the world’s population

Countries in Asia: 48 countries

Most common languages: Chinese Mandarin, Hindi, Indonesian, Malay and English

Asia trip planning: Find crazy-useful flight, hotel booking and other tips in our Resources guide

5 Top sights in Asia:

1) Great Wall of China

2) Shwedagon Pagoda in Yangon, Myanmar

3) Angkor Wat temple complex in Cambodia

4) Grand Palace in Bangkok, Thailand

5) Mount Fuji in Japan

Check out these countries in Asia:

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