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Looking for travel information on Canada?

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We’re tried-and-true Canadians, and we know the country well, especially Alberta and British Columbia (BC) in the western part of Canada.

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Quick Canada information:

Canada Travel

Location: Located in the continent of North America, Canada covers 3,855,103 sq. miles (9,984,670 sq. km) – it’s a big country, 41 times bigger than the United Kingdom

Population: 37.7 million (only about .5% of the total world population)

Language: English and French

Currency: Canadian dollar (CAD)

Capital city: Ottawa

Other major cities: Vancouver and Toronto

Parks: 48 national parks (see these best Canadian national parks for nature lovers)

5 Famous Canadian foods:

1) Maple syrup

2) Nova Scotia lobster rolls

3) Poutine (French fries with cheese curds and gravy)

4) Nanaimo bars (three-layer squares consisting of a chocolate-and-coconut crumb base, custard in the middle and chocolate icing on the top – yummy!)

5) French Canadian tourtière (meat pie)

Canada trip planning:

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