A Tropical Eden: The Singapore Botanic Gardens

One of the best botanical gardens in the world, the Singapore Botanic Gardens should be high on your list of Singapore tourist attractions to visit.

They’re mature – with a history dating back over 150 years. They’re big – over 183 acres and about to get bigger soon. And they’re splendid – they’ve been named a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Types of plants

These Singapore gardens feature more than 10,000 types of tropical plants. The gardens include orchids, ginger, palm trees, vines – even carnivorous plants that eat insects.

There’s a bonsai garden and a sun garden with cacti and yuccas. And a healing garden has 400+ varieties of medicinal plants.

What gardens will you see?

Photo: Singapore Botanic Gardens

Number of orchids

The National Orchid Garden has the largest display of orchids in the world, with over 60,000 orchids.

Celebrity orchids

Some orchids are named after celebrities, royalty and other famous folk, such as Elton John, Jackie Chan, Nelson Mandela and Princess Diana.

Crocodile attack

In 1890, an escaped crocodile (a British colonel’s pet) found its way into Swan Lake. After the croc attacked a gardener, the lake was drained to find it, but by then, the croc had disappeared.

Photo: Singapore Botanic Gardens

Visiting the Singapore Botanical Garden

These botanical gardens in Singapore are large and will take many pleasurable hours to walk around the whole area.

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