25 Unique Things to Do in San Francisco (2023)

We’re bicycling across San Francisco’s famous Golden Gate Bridge. The sharp wind blows strong at this height, and the cold fog claws its way across the dry hilltops opposite like a living beast. Far below, seemingly tiny sailboats skim across the choppy water.

But then, when we roll down into the quaint seaside town of Sausalito, the wind dies down, the sun shines warmly, and we sit outside with cappuccinos by the bay.

When it comes to cool, quirky, and unique things to do in San Francisco, this activity tops our list.

Fall for a San Francisco love tour

It’s a huge city, so a good way to kick things off is by getting the lay of the land on a sightseeing tour.

You can marvel at it from afar. Or you can cycle across, walk across, or take a bus across it. You can even get a bird's-eye view of the bridge from a seaplane!

See the iconic Golden Gate Bridge

Pedal over the Golden Gate Bridge to Sausalito

You’ll find upscale boutiques and high-end housing, of course. But there are also magnificent views to be had.

Climb hidden stairways

There are countless steps, stairs, and staircases winding their way up and down this hill-punctuated city. Many are beautifully adorned with colorful mosaic tiles.

Listen to the sounds of the sea at the Wave Organ

Taking a seat and watching the world go by to this intriguing soundtrack is right up there with other quirky things to do in San Francisco.

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