23 Best Tulum Hotels With Private Pools

You’ve already decided to be a sybarite and choose one of the Tulum hotels with private pools. We get you. We’re suckers for gorgeous hotels with private pools too.

So you have lots of choice when it comes to booking your piece of paradise! More good news. Some of these places to stay in Tulum with private pools are easy on the wallet too.

Photo: The Beach Tulum

Be Tulum

It’s centrally located in Tulum’s Hotel Zone, so you can walk to other restaurants, bars and shops. Be Tulum features a choice 65 chic suites. Some are in the jungle and others are beachfront villas.


Not just for the pools. Uniquely, the cabanas here are set on the rocky coastline, so your cocktail hour comes with the soundtrack of crashing waves.

Mi Amor a Colibri Tulum Boutique Hotel


Papaya Playa Project

These are chic jungle huts, each with their own private plunge pools. Some are rooftop, so you can take a dip among jungle treetops.


Cabanas Tulum

Some rooms even have private swim-up pools, with direct access to the main hotel pool. Unlike some other luxury hotels in Tulum, this one isn’t adults-only. The minimum age is 14 years old.


Habitas Tulum

Habitas Tulum is a seriously high-end glamping experience. Staying here is like going on safari – but at the beach. Some tents in the jungle also have private pools.


Hotel Ma’xanab Tulum

Just steps from the beach, on grounds dotted with palm trees and tropical plants, the 5-star Hotel Ma’xanab Tulum is a well-balanced option.


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