Travel Guide and Tips for Your Trip to Greece

Do you want to take a romantic trip to Greece? Are you looking to tick some ancient wonders off your bucket list? Or do you simply want to spend your days swimming in turquoise waters.

As of 2024, the population of Greece is 10.4 million. Most people (almost 4.5 million) live in Central Greece, while the region of Macedonia is home to a sizeable portion too.

If you’re planning your first trip to Greece, you’ll no doubt be wondering where specifically to go. Here are some popular Greek vacation destinations to get you started.


It’s the birthplace of democracy, famed for the Acropolis (a UNESCO World Heritage Site, of course). It’s home to amazing museums, cool rooftop bars and great shopping.




A popular summer vacation destination, Mykonos is the glam Greek island. Walk the winding streets of the town of Mykonos. Watch the sunset from the quaint “Little Venice” waterfront.



Shaped like a crescent moon, Santorini’s landscape is dramatic. It’s known for its pretty white villages clinging to the sides of the island’s volcanic caldera, gorgeous sunsets and OMG views.



The largest Greek island, and fifth-largest in the Mediterranean, Crete is a mix of seaside medieval towns, idyllic beaches, rugged gorges and famous ruins.

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