7 Authentic Things to Do in Morelia, Mexico

Families ride bikes, stroll, pull children in wagons and roller-blade along the wide street fronting the cathedral. It’s Sunday morning in Morelia, Mexico! And this Mexican city is a riot of cheerful noise and color.

Unlike other colonial Mexican cities and towns we’ve visited Morelia is quite non-touristy. But you’ll find there are lots of fascinating things to do in Morelia, particularly in its historic heart.

Admire the Morelia Cathedral

The cathedral is especially exquisite when illuminated at night. And Saturday nights are particularly special – because that’s when a free “sound and light” show is held in front of the cathedral.


An icon in the city, the aqueduct’s 253 arches stretch for over a mile. When lit up at night, the arches are a particularly gorgeous sight.

Walk to the Morelia Aqueduct


Morelia candy market

Indulge your sweet tooth. The market consists of a long alley stuffed with stalls, displaying an extraordinary variety of concoctions guaranteed to give you a major sugar high.


Eat at Lu Cochina

Lu serves creative regional specialties from Michoacan state. Try the hibiscus salad if it’s on the menu. With lettuce, cucumber, toasted peanuts, blackberries, Cortina cheese and fresh lime, it’s delicious.


See the Centro Cultural Clavijero

The Centro Cultural Clavijero is a cultural center and art museum showcasing contemporary art and photography.

Photo: Centro Cultural Clavijero


Monarch butterfly migration

Do a day trip to the neighboring Sierra Madre mountains to witness the amazing sight of thousands of Monarch butterflies wintering in the Monarch Butterfly Biosphere Reserve.


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