15 Special and Fun Things to Do in Bali

Bali and its friendly people have fascinated visitors ever since European artists first made this once-remote tropical island world-famous in the 1930’s.

Yoga fans find mantra heaven gazing out over Bali’s terraced rice paddies. And then there’s Bali’s traditional village life, art, dance and festivals.

The island’s unique culture valuing balance, beauty and harmony is a chief attraction. When we return to Bali (and we will!), it’s the Balinese culture that will lure us back.

Experience a Bali festival

Galungan is one of the most important religious Bali ceremonies for Balinese Hindus. It celebrates the triumph of good (Dharma) over evil (Adharma).



Enjoy the Bali culture

Beautiful Balinese traditions – infused by beliefs that spirits inhabit the sacred mountains, trees, animals and all living things – are embedded in daily life.


Get thee to Ubud

Stop in at little coffee shops, funky warungs and charming garden restaurants serving up exquisite Indonesian delicacies.


Watch Balinese dance

Under a starlit sky, two young women performed the classic “Legong” dance, accompanied by a gamelan orchestra’s xylophone rhythms.


Monkey around in the Ubud Monkey Forest

Here, in a protected forest reserve on the edge of town, over 550 macaque monkeys scamper about three  11th-century holy temples.

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