Top Attractions on the French Camino de Santiago

The Camino de Santiago, also known as the Way of Saint James, is one of the most inspirational pilgrimages in Europe.

The Way of Saint James has become popular among hikers, adventurers and wanderers from all walks of life.

The crown of this epic walking adventure is the spectacular Santiago de Compostela Cathedral. But it’s just one of many rewarding Camino de Santiago highlights.

Vierge d’Orisson

Just a day out from St Jean Pied de Port (right at the beginning of your trek), you face one of the most challenging walks on the pilgrimage.



Alto del Perdon

The modest but inspiring sculptures, combined with the panoramic view of Pamplona, make Alto del Perdon one of the best sights on the French Camino.


Pulchra Leonina

The French Camino passes through the Spanish city of Leon, home to a cultural treasure trove of convents, cathedrals and other historic buildings.


Puente de Hospital de Órbigo

The bridge is famous in part because of the medieval love story associated with it. Legend has it that in 1434, a knight named Don Suero fell in love with a lady by the name of Dona Lenor.


La Cruz de Ferro

The cross is unmissable – rising atop a towering wooden pole – a landmark pointing the way. Many say that the cross was put there by Saint James himself.

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