It’s Blooming at These 7 Beautiful Gardens in Victoria, BC!

It’s dubbed the “City of Gardens” in Canada.  Located on Vancouver Island, Victoria – the capital of British Columbia (or BC) – literally blooms with colorful flowers and show-stopping gardens!

The gardens in Victoria, BC, are a big draw for visitors and one of Victoria’s top tourist attractions.

While there are many Victoria, BC, gardens to visit, the following seven are the most popular.

Butchart Gardens

The largest, most well-known and best gardens in Victoria. We particularly love the curving manicured lawns, weeping willows, and small lake with the 70-foot dancing Ross Fountain.

Stroll through Beacon Hill Park in downtown Victoria, and you see spandex-clad joggers pounding the trails, moms pushing baby strollers, and grey-haired gents chatting on park benches.

Beacon Hill Park

Abkhazi Garden

Tucked away in a residential neighborhood, Abkhazi Garden is very natural in design, playing up the shapes of the rocks, trees, bushes, and alpine plants showcased.

Photo: Abkhazi Gardens

Government House public gardens

Discover shade-loving hostas, perky geraniums, a Garry oak woodland, and apple, plum, and quince trees. Also enjoy the small waterfall and duck pond.

Photo: Government House BC

Hatley Park National Historic Site

Smell the candy-colored roses in the walled rose garden, admire the boxwood-hedged Italian garden, and explore the Japanese garden with its pond, well and stone lanterns.

Photo: Hatley Castle

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