Top 5 Richest Poker Destinations Worldwide

Check your hand, place your bet, bluff, and win (or lose) big. Oh, and travel too. Poker tournaments offer the chance to travel all around the world in the spirit of competition.

High profile poker destinations include the Bahamas, Melbourne (Australia) and one of our favorite European hot spots for luxury travel – Monte Carlo.

Rub shoulders with Princess Caroline at the opulent Opera de Monte-Carlo and ogle super-yachts in the picturesque port!

Punta Del Este, Uruguay

You might think Uruguay is better known for its flair in football than in the game of poker. Not so. Think ritzy nightclubs, trendy Bikini Beach, high-end hotels and casinos.




In 2009, it hosted the party poker World Poker Tour. French pro Thomas Bichon took home the $580,000 grand prize when he won the tournament.


Durant, Oklahoma

Durant, located in southern southern Oklahoma, hosted a World Series of Poker event in 2011. The tournament drew poker players living in Tulsa, Oklahoma City and Dallas, all just a short drive away.


Marrakech, Morocco

It’s home to the Emerald Casino and Resort, which has hosted the World Series of Poker Africa since its inception in 2010.

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