Top 10 Boutique Hotels in Rhodes, Greece

One of the most popular Greek islands, it’s known for its long summers, endless beaches, cosmopolitan vibe – and, yes, its wide range of excellent hotels and resorts.

Apart from its beaches, one of the main reasons to visit the island of Rhodes is to explore its UNESCO-listed Old Town.

They include boutique hotels in Rhodes Old Town, boutique hotels in Lindos (a delightful beachy village on the island), beachfront hotels and other boutique 5-star hotels in Rhodes.

S. Nikolis Historic Boutique Hotel

This atmospheric boutique hotel in Rhodes Old Town is built within the 800-year-old stone walls surrounding the Old City. It has a wonderful location.



Kokkini Porta Rossa

Rhodes town hotels don’t get any better than this. This old-world hotel is consistently rated on TripAdvisor as the best hotel in Rhodes Old Town.


In Camera Art Boutique Hotel

Beautiful suites blend modern luxury with historic details at this lovingly restored Rhodes Old Town hotel. The Nymph of Helios suite features a bathroom with colored tiles.


F Charm Hotel

This lovely small boutique hotel in Lindos has eight individually-decorated rooms and suites, reflecting an eclectic minimalist style. It’s for adults only.

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