15 Best Things to Do on Brac, Croatia

Brac Island, Croatia, is the perfect Goldilocks vacation place. It’s not too big or too small. It’s not too touristy.

There is adventure and nature. Small towns and good restaurants. Goldilocks would love it here because it’s “just right—and so would we.

So, when planning a trip to Croatia, save time for this island. There are more than enough things to do on Brac Island to keep you content for a week!

Visit the Olive Oil Museum

Since it’s still a working olive oil factory, we tasted a few different oils and their black olive liqueur. Oddly enough, the olive liqueur tastes a little like coffee liqueur.

Go for the cooler air and stay for the views. At 2,559 feet above sea level, the top of Vidova Gora is the island's highest point.

Ogle the views from Vidova Gora

Spend the day at Zlatni Rat Beach

Rent a sunbed and chill. Or try stand-up paddle boarding. Do that in the morning, though. As the day wears on, it gets windier.

Walk the promenade from Bol to Zlatni Rat Beach

The ocean views along the promenade are splendid, and the many life-size stone sculptures along the way (made from Brac stone) are interesting to look at.

See amazing stone sculptures at Jaksic Gallery

You’ll discover everything from wearable works of art to small stone flowers that would make the perfect gift, even if it is for yourself.

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