25 Unmissable Things to Do in Saint Martin + St. Maarten

Even though it’s a tiny Caribbean island, there are many Saint Martin activities to lap up – and almost as many incredible resorts on Saint Martin to rest your sun-kissed body.

There’s no passport or immigration office when you cross from the French side to the Dutch (and vice versa). You can freely travel between both sides of the island without stopping.

Because it’s like two islands in one, you can have two very different vacations by staying on both sides. Talk about maximizing your holiday!

Chill, then party, at a Grand Case beach club

The electric turquoise water is typically calm. And the golden sand is so thick your feet sink almost ankle-deep when you go for a stroll.



Learn how to make perfume

Tijon Parfumerie helps you design and create your own personal fragrance. You’ll start by choosing your base scent and then build upon it to find your perfect aroma.

Credit: Tijon Parfumerie


Snorkel with turtles at Tintamarre Island

The island is an uninhabited nature reserve, home to sea turtles and nesting seabirds like brown boobies.


Visit Loterie Farm

There are cascading swimming pools, private huts and treehouses to lounge in with a cocktail in hand. The iguana spotting is fun too.


Taste rum at La Part des Anges

The rum tasting room has the finest rums from around the Caribbean. You can savor any one of the 130 bottles and follow that up with a Cuban cigar.

Credit: La Part des Anges

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