Epic Things to Do in Mozambique on a Luxury Beach Holiday

In the sun-dappled water, we see them clearly through our snorkel masks. First one, then five, then a whole pod of over 30 sleek gray bottlenose dolphins glide past, directly below us.

We’re snorkeling with wild dolphins in the untrammeled Quirimbas Archipelago—just one of many unique things to do in Mozambique, Africa, on a luxury getaway!

Swimming with dolphins

In the dolphin area, the calves snuggle up close to their moms, their tails swishing back and forth twice as fast to keep up.

The northern part of the country boasts some of the best beaches in Mozambique—quiet, secluded beaches with powdery white sand.

Beaches in Mozambique

Photo: Azura Boutique Resorts

Horseback riding on the beach

Happy to be led by a rope, our horses plod slowly along as we take in the colors of the sunset turning from blazing neon orange to soft pink.

Trying the new sport of wind-karting

The hard-pack Mozambique beach at Mequfi Bay is ideal for this fast-growing new sport that’s popular in France (particularly on the beaches of Normandy).

Bicycling, kayaking and recharging

We also go bicycling by the full moon and paddle kayaks up a mangrove-lined river. But for the most part, our time here is spent relaxing.

Mozambique attractions – Ibo Town

On a walk through Ibo Town, we soak up the atmosphere. There are no paved roads, just sandy paths on which islanders walk or ride rusty bicycles.

Photo: Ibo Island Lodge

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Photo: Ibo Island Lodge