These 7 Stunning Gardens in Victoria, BC

It’s dubbed the City of Gardens in Canada. And for good reason. Located on Vancouver Island, Victoria the capital of British Columbia. Literally blooms with colorful flowers and show-stopping gardens!

Even in bleak November, hanging baskets of yellow and purple pansies brighten doorways of downtown shops near the city’s picturesque Inner Harbor.

For one week, they count all the crocuses, daffodils and pink cherry blossoms flowering in the sunshine – an astounding 33,475,292,158 blooms.

Butchart Gardens

Today, Butchart Gardens is considered one of the most beautiful gardens in the world. Tended by 50 gardeners, they’re the largest, most well-known and best gardens in Victoria, BC.



Beacon Hill Park

Shaded by maple, arbutus and soaring Douglas firs, the 200-acre landscaped park is interlaced with moss-covered bridges, lakes, rock gardens, lily ponds and meandering paths.


Abkhazi Garden

This one-acre property is the teeniest of the seven Victoria gardens covered here. But Abkhazi Garden is a special one – it’s the “garden that love built.”


Government House public gardens

The extensive Victoria gardens surrounding the official residence of British Columbia’s lieutenant governor are open to the public.

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