A Photo Tour of the Colorful Tetouan Medina in Morocco

We’ve been cruising the Canary Islands and Morocco on the deluxe Seabourn Odyssey. Our ship has docked in Tangier about an hour’s drive away.

When we looked at what to do in Tangier on a shore excursion, we picked this Tangier day trip to Tetouan.

The Tetouan Medina feels very authentic and real – a place where locals live and mingle and bargain, not a contrived attraction trying to look exotic for tourists.

An authentic Morocco souk

Stuffed with some 40,000 shops, the Tetouan Medina is one of the oldest souks in the world. As it’s market day, workers from nearby farms are in town.

Every which way we turn, the crumbling white buildings of the medina yield a different Instagram-worthy view – an alley here, an archway there.

Alleys, arches and surprising angles

Dar Sana:  The school of arts and crafts

It’s the area’s renowned school of arts and crafts, which teaches and preserves the traditional Moorish arts of wood carving, painting, copper work, embroidery, etc.

Exploring this Morocco souk and medina  (with a side-visit to Dar Sana) is definitely one of the best things to do in Tetouan – and perhaps our favorite experience in Morocco.

Tetouan hotels: Blanco Riad

It’s a small, 18th century riad (house with a garden courtyard in the middle) with eight clean and attractive rooms—we know because we peeked into some of them!