Swimming at the Best Beaches in Dubrovnik

So you’ve walked atop the massive Dubrovnik city walls encircling the Old City. And you’ve enjoyed coffee and a delicious Croatian cake or pastry at a café.

Now it’s hot. Very hot. Not to worry, there are some great beaches in Dubrovnik where you can go swimming!

Banje Beach

One of the best public Dubrovnik beaches, Banje Beach, is only a five-minute walk up the road from the Old City. With access to a cocktail bar plus umbrellas and lounge chairs for rent.

We were most content to while away an afternoon swimming and sunning on the pebble beach. And unlike many of Croatia’s nudist beaches, swimsuits are worn at this beach!

On another occasion, we took a passenger ferry to the pine-wooded island of Lokrum, a 10- to 15-minute boat ride away. You catch the little ferry boats just outside the wall.


A café bar in the middle of the park-like island serves drinks and lunch.

Swimming in Dubrovnik

So if you visit Dubrovnik, be sure to slip your swimsuit into your bag or backpack. You might just want to cool off by going swimming in Dubrovnik.

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