Swimming With Whale Sharks in La Paz, Mexico!

Nothing could quite prepare us for the moment we first saw a whale shark the size of a bus glide slowly by, just feet away. It was one of those "OMG" moments, an almost other-worldly experience.

How wondrous that we could swim with whale sharks in La Paz, Mexico—that these amazing creatures allowed us to snorkel alongside them in the wild.

If you’re visiting Baja California Sur, put whale shark snorkeling on your list. No question, it’s one of the most memorable things to do in Mexico!

The experience: Baja whale sharks with Cabo Expeditions

Our first tour with Cabo Expeditions included being picked up from our resort in Cabo San Lucas and driven by van to the city of La Paz.

In La Paz, we geared up in wet suits, then climbed aboard our boat for the cruise out into the bay.

Aerial spotter planes looked for the whale sharks from above, communicating their location to our boat captain.

Photo: Manta

When a whale shark was spotted swimming close to our boat, our guide excitedly shouted at us to slide into the water and swim up to it.We felt like paratroopers, quickly jumping in one after the other like dominoes.

Then we’d swim alongside the whale shark while peering down at it through our snorkel mask. And imprint this awesome once-in-a-lifetime experience in memory.

Photo: Cabo Expeditions

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