7 Super Cool Places to Swim in the World (and Why You Should Dive in!)

When temps rise, we like to cool off at our local sandy beaches and lakes. We’re fortunate we have wonderful natural swimming spots in Victoria, Canada, where we live.

Thankfully, though, the world is chock-full of beautiful beaches and great places to swim!

Photo: Oceanwide Expeditions

Gippsland Lakes, Australia

The waters in the area are filled with a special kind of dinoflagellate. When the water is disturbed, they create a fantastic bioluminescent effect.

Photo: Alltournative Ecological Adventures


This hidden gem – Havasu Falls – lies on Havasupai territory, which is native land. If you want to swim at the base of these 100-foot falls, you’ll need a permit.

Havasu Falls, Arizona, United States


The Blue Grotto, Croatia

Travelers are taken here before noon because that's when the cave is most spectacular. The sea takes the sun’s rays and splashes them throughout the limestone cave to create a mesmerizing blue effect.


Bimmah Sinkhole, Oman

The area has picnic sites to make your visit more pleasant. As for the water in this place – it’s the very definition of “crystal clear,” with limestone reflections giving it its emerald green color.


Kuang Si Falls, Laos

Not only do the villages have their usual East-Asian architectural merit, but the unspoiled natural splendor of the place will have your jaw on the floor in no time.


Llyn Cau, Wales

Llyn Cau is a deep blue lake surrounded by steep walls that remind us of a natural citadel. It’s one of those places to swim if you’re a writer looking for inspiration.


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