How to Be a Responsible Tourist: 30 Tips for Ethical Travel

Luckily, there are many things you can do – and most require little more than some conscious decision-making. Being a responsible tourist isn’t a burden. It won’t make you enjoy your trip any less.

Actually, you’ll probably find your travels will be more meaningful. Plus, the feel-good factor of knowing you’re making a positive impact will be well worth it!

Be destination aware

Consider visiting your must-see popular place off-season – this helps to stagger tourist arrivals throughout the year. Off-peak travel is typically cheaper and more peaceful, too.


Choose places that see fewer tourists, whether it’s a lesser-visited country, region, city or even an under-visited attraction.


Go off the beaten track

Don’t venture too far off the beaten path

If there’s no infrastructure for visitors, that’s a huge red flag. Talk to people to find out whether tourists are welcome before venturing too far away from the  tried-and-trodden path.


Use social media responsibly

Use caution when tagging locations and perhaps withhold exact details.     And sometimes, it’s better to simply observe and experience – and keep the moment private rather than sharing.


Fly less

Catching a long-distance train or bus is a more responsible way of traveling from A to B. Apart from being kinder to the environment, it can be a lot of fun too – and you’ll see scenery you’d otherwise miss.


Choose environmentally-friendly airlines

When faced with a choice of carriers, don’t just choose the cheapest; consider also the airline’s attempts at going “green”. Book with the most climate-efficient airlines.


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