Guide to the Puerto Vallarta Malecon

Many people flock to Puerto Vallarta to soak up the warmth on its sun-kissed beaches, sipping on frosty margaritas, and swimming in its aquamarine waters.

Plenty of visitors are also drawn to the vibrant restaurant scene and charming cobblestone streets of old Vallarta, complete with an olde-world ambiance.

Puerto Vallarta is a top destination for a fun-filled Mexican vacation, with heaps to see and do. After several visits to PV, as it’s often affectionately nicknamed, we’ve found ourselves another favorite place to hang out

Puerto Vallarta Malecon sculptures

Nostalgia A couple of sculptures along, you come to a hauntingly beautiful piece by sculptor Ramiz Barquet. It takes on more meaning when you know the story behind it.

Free Malecon sculpture walking tour

The weekly tour is led by Gary Thompson, With more than 30 years of experience in the Puerto Vallarta art scene, Thompson knows many of the sculptors personally and explains each of their works.

Puerto Vallarta sand sculptures

As well as the bronze sculptures, you’ll see many large and wonderful sand sculptures in the sand below the Malecon. These are not like the sand castles you built as a child.

Other things to do

Don’t miss seeing the Voladores de Papantla ritual, performed several times a day. Known in English as the “Flyers of Papantla,” five daring dancers wow the crowds with a colorful, tuneful and mystical ceremony.

Malecon Puerto Vallarta restaurants

Grab a quick snack from street vendors, like hot dogs or ice cream, to keep hunger at bay. Alternatively, check out one of the top-class restaurants for a more substantial meal.

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