Planning a Trip to Hawaii (2023): The Ultimate Guide!

For the best way to plan a Hawaii vacation, this is your Hawaii guide! From its beautiful beaches and plumeria-scented air to the ever-present Aloha spirit, Hawaii is as seductive as ever.

Photo: David Parias

These days, it’s a little more complicated to plan a Hawaii trip. Hawaii is so popular that advance planning is necessary to make the most of your stay.

Once you have an idea of what you want to do and where to go and know the current rules and tips for visiting, you’ll be well on your way to having your Hawaii travel plans settled!

Which island to visit in Hawaii?

Picking the best island to visit in Hawaii isn’t easy. Each island has its own unique charm. It depends on what you want out of your Hawaii holiday.

Should you visit more than one Hawaiian island?

If time allows, go for it! Personally, we’d suggest you devote at least five nights to each island when planning a Hawaii trip.

Booking your flights

Flying to Hawaii can hit your wallet hard. But rewards cards and companion fares can save the day. Companion fares basically make it a “buy one, get one almost free” scenario.

Choose where to stay in Hawaii

Hawaii offers oodles of options when it comes to lodgings, from budget places with kitchenettes to luxury resorts with pool butlers and opulent spas.

When is the best time to visit Hawaii?

Hawaii has a year-round temperate climate. It’s the ideal vacation spot to escape the cold winter temperatures or oppressive summer heat back home.

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