One Day in Berlin: 25 Best Things to Choose From

Berlin… It’s an extraordinary fusion of centuries of European culture – encompassing modern street art, international cuisine, and grand Prussian architecture.

We spent one day in Berlin on a cruise when our Viking Ocean Cruises’ ship was in the German seaport of Warnemunde from early morning till late at night.

Naturally, we wanted to do and see as much of Berlin as we could in the short time we had. If you’re interested in a Berlin one-day itinerary, you’ll find plenty of attractions to choose from!

The Reichstag building

You’ll learn about Germany’s political history and get a tremendous view of the city from its iconic glass dome.

It’s a little commercial now, with U.S. and Soviet Union flags, sandbags on display, and actors dressed in fake soldier uniforms too (charging tourists to have their photos taken).

Checkpoint Charlie

Brandenburg Gate

The massive, neo-classical 18th-century Brandenburg Gate, close to Pariser Platz, is a must-visit on any one-day tour of Berlin.


In summer, it hosts the Classic Open Air Festival, when for a few days, orchestras play classical music there.

East Side Gallery

It’s covered with 105 paintings by artists from all over the world. A long line of people snaked past the painting, all patiently waiting their turn for a good look at “The Kiss.”

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