Must-See Exhibits at This Mexico City Anthropology Museum

The National Museum of Anthropology in Mexico City was founded in 1825. But it opened in a modern new building in 1964 and is very contemporary in design.

It tells the story of the earlier history of Mexico – from the country’s pre-Columbian past through to the Mayan civilization, the Aztec empire and the time of the Spanish conquest.

It was particularly interesting to learn more about the difference between the Aztec and Maya civilizations.

Aztec Sun Stone

The most famous exhibit is the 24-ton “Sun Stone” (Piedra del Sol). It was originally thought to be an Aztec calendar. But we know now that it’s not.



Chacmool figures

These pre-Columbian Mesoamerican sculptures show a reclining human-like figure, with its head turned 90 degrees.


Aztec God of the Dead

The Disc of Mictlantecutli, the Aztec God of the Dead is another one of the main attractions in the museum.


Ball hoop

The ancient Mayans would play a ball game called Pok-A-Tok, which was like a cross between soccer and basketball.

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