Maui Packing List: 35 Essential Items to Pack for Hawaii

The combination of the Hawaiian sun, picture-perfect beaches, and honeymoon-worthy hotels in Maui makes the “Valley Isle” a popular tropical destination for a vacay.

You’ve even prepared your Maui itinerary and figured out where you want to stay. However, have you drawn up your Maui packing list yet?

If you’re wondering what to pack for Maui, check out this ultimate list to ensure a hassle-free trip.

Clothes: What to wear in Hawaii

Tank tops They’re easily the most convenient and versatile clothing items. Wear them on their own or style them like a cami under a loose, unbuttoned shirt.

Footwear: Best shoes for Maui

Flip-flops The best flip-flops for men and women combine water resistance with breathability for maximum comfort.

Maui packing list: Beach stuff

Bathing Suit Actually, pack two. If you think you’ll be in and out of the water a lot, then you’ve got a dry one to slip into if the other one is still wet.

Toiletries to pack for Hawaii

Lip balm A hot sun combined with a salty breeze equals chapped lips. When organizing what to bring to Hawaii, lip balm is an essential.

What to take to Maui for water activities

Waterproof camera To record these lifetime memories, you need a reliable underwater camera for your trip to Hawaii.

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