How to Get to Victoria, BC: 7 Different Ways (2023)

With knock-your-socks-off seaside scenery, gorgeous gardens, and oodles of charming hotels and B&Bs, Victoria—the capital of British Columbia—is well worth adding to any trip to Canada’s west coast.

Before you start looking into the city’s parks, beaches, museums, scenic walks, and all the other great things you can do in Victoria, you need to know: How do you get to Victoria, BC?

After all, Victoria is located on an island, the southern tip of Vancouver Island to be precise. As you’ll discover, getting here is part of the fun!

Ferry from Vancouver to Victoria

The total trip takes from four to five hours. The actual ferry trip is about 1 hour and 40 minutes. The rest of the trip time is needed for driving to/from the ferry terminal at both ends.

The high-speed catamaran takes around 2 hours and 45 minutes. It connects the downtown areas of both cities, making it an effortless way to travel between Seattle and Victoria.

Seattle to Victoria ferry

Car ferry from Seattle to Victoria, BC

Once you get to Port Angeles, the 90-minute ferry to Victoria from Port Angeles is the shortest sea connection from Washington state to British Columbia.

Flying to Victoria from Vancouver

The beauty of this seaplane transfer is that you fly direct from downtown Vancouver (Coal Harbour) and glide right into the Victoria Inner Harbour (downtown Victoria).

Flying to Victoria from Seattle

The planes to Victoria are small, and the flight time is about 50 to 55 minutes. When booking, ensure that your flight is direct and doesn’t stop in Vancouver en route.

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