Hitting the Beaches in Zihuatanejo and Ixtapa, Mexico

Sleepy. Quiet. Low-key. That’s how the beach town of Zihuatanejo, Mexico, is often described. Perfect!

As it turned out, all that powdery soft sand (and a few margaritas) did the trick. A week in Zihuatanejo restored our energies and readied us for the return flights home.

If you’re planning a Mexico vacation in Zihuatanejo, here’s all you need to know about the beaches in Zihuatanejo and neighboring Ixtapa beaches.

Playa Principal 

While the beach is sandy with calm water, it isn’t suitable for swimming because of the amount of boat traffic. But it’s a great place for watching the local fishermen.

This small Zihuatanejo beach is sandy, and the water is relatively calm closer to the shore. Bodysurfing is one of the most popular activities here, next to swimming.

Playa La Madera

Playa La Ropa

Early in the morning, before people are out and about, it’s lovely to walk La Ropa Beach, a silky soft sand beach that extends for about a mile.

Playa Las Gatas

Playa Las Gatas is the perfect beach to get away from it all. It’s great for both snorkeling and swimming. A man-made breakwater of boulders keeps the shallow waters free of surf.

Ixtapa Island

One of the best day trips from Zihuatanejo is to take a water taxi to Ixtapa Island. Get there early to make the most of your visit and for the best snorkeling.

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