Fun Things to Do in Kauai

The beaches of Kauai are stunning. You can easily spend hours, days (maybe weeks!) just lounging around or beach hopping.

But with so many natural wonders – from immense canyons and serene rivers to emerald forests and Eden-like gardens – there are oodles of other things to do in Kauai, besides chilling on the beach.

The garden isle of Kauai has snagged a special spot in our hearts. Can you blame us? It’s just so darn picturesque!

Take a Kauai helicopter tour

Scenic helicopter tours in Kauai are perhaps the best way to get a megadose of the island’s beauty. (Choose a “no doors” chopper – awesome pictures and more fun)!



Go tubing in sugar plantation canals

This Kauai adventure has you floating down gently-flowing waters on former plantation lands in the island’s lush remote interior.


Learn about monk seals

They’re cute and gentle, weigh from 400 to 600 pounds, have folds of skin around their neck and tend to live alone.


Savor seafood at Red Salt

The menu focuses on fresh Hawaiian seafood and local flavors. Think spicy seared ahi and ono with King crab hash.


Visit the Allerton-McBryde botanical gardens

On a guided tour, stroll through a cool bamboo forest and outdoor “rooms” with fountains and rippling pools.

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