17 Exotic Types of Fruit in Mexico You Must Try

One of the best things to do in Mexico is trying the local food and drinks. The flavorful shrimp tacos. The real lime and tamarind Mexican margaritas. This leads us to the fruit in Mexico.

There are so many delicious, interesting – and, yes, sometimes strange – Mexican fruits that we’re boggled by the variety!

Photo: Hurtigruten

Dragon fruit (pitahaya)

Because of the hot pink color of the outside skin, it’s also sometimes known as “strawberry pear.” It’s delicious in fruit salads. It’s also used in desserts and ice cream.


The soursop or guanabana is a large pear-shaped fruit from Mexico. It smells a little like pineapple, but it tastes more like a combination of strawberries, oranges and bananas.

Soursop (guanabana)



This red hairy fruit, the size of a golf ball, is commonly seen in southern Mexico. They’re deliciously sweet, tasting a little like lychees.



Admittedly, they’re not as exotic as other Mexican fruits. But they sure are plentiful! We use them to flavor so many dishes – from salads and veggies to guac and baked chicken.



The health benefits of mangos are many. They’re low in calories, high in fibre and rich in vitamins A and C. Best of all, the orange-yellow flesh is unbelievably juicy and sweet.


Zapote negro (sapote)

While covered with a dark green skin, the flesh is dark chocolate in color. Some people swear that it also tastes a little like chocolate, but in truth the flavor is more akin to prunes.


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