Delicious Fruit in Hawaii? Bite into these 25 Tropical Fruits!

If you’ve ever been to Hawaii, you understand there isn’t anything much fresher than the islands’ fruit. The fruit in Hawaii is plentiful, nutritious and downright yummy!

Check out the following 25 most delicious fruits of Hawaii. You’ll find many exotic fruits. If this is your first visit to Hawaii, you might not have tried some of these before!


Sure, fresh slices of pineapple are great in Hawaii. But we’re also pushovers for pineapple upside-down cake. Warm. With whipped cream.


For a sweet treat, you can eat it mashed up with coconut milk or baked in banana leaves. You can also find it in a hummus blend.




Many people prefer to eat papaya after dessert  (it contains an enzyme called papain, believed to aid in digestion). We like to squeeze lime juice on top of it (which improves its taste).


Lilikoi  (passion fruit)

This tropical Hawaiian fruit is perfect in a juice, breakfast bowl, as a topping on ice cream or mixed as Hawaiian lilikoi butter.



It’s perfect to eat mangos in Hawaii just on their own, cut up into pieces. Fresh mango is great in salads and desserts too. And mango slices are also amazing on top of chicken.



Are lovely to eat fresh and raw. You can pop the skin easily to get to the sweet fruit inside. If you don’t feel like peeling and eating them, make lychee green tea or lychee jelly.


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