29 Yummy  (and Funny) Facts About Mexican Food

The traditional Mexican cooking style of rich homestyle food is dripping with culture and heritage. This art of cooking is special to many families in Mexico.

Let’s take a look at Mexican food culture in more depth – because these fun facts about Mexican cuisine are a real eye-opener.

Mexican food is often made with lots of veggies and fruit

Most people think of refried beans and rice when they go to a Mexican food restaurant. But the country is full of healthy veggies and fruit.


We usually think of Caesar salad as being quite American – the perfect accompaniment to steak and baked potato.

Caesar salad was invented in Mexico


Nachos were invented on the spot by Mr. Nacho

He fried up tortillas and served them warm, with grated cheese and jalapeno peppers on top – and called the dish “Nacho’s especialies”.


Guacamole means “testicle sauce”

When Aztecs discovered avocados in 500 BC, they named the fruit itahuacatle – which means “testicle”.


The fajita craze only started in the 1970s

Mexican cowboys in Texas started eating fajitas in the 1930s. They grilled their skirt steak with veggies and served it as an appetizer with a tortilla.


special gadgets to whip up some Mexican dishes

Molcajete is used to grind up salsa or spices.


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