11 Cool Places to Visit in Antarctica on an Expedition Cruise

Antarctica’s penguins are perhaps the most endearing sight on the White Continent. But the lure of Antarctica goes beyond the tuxedoed crowd. The scenery is also nothing short of mind-blowing.

What’s so special about the coldest, windiest, most uninhabitable place in the world that makes people want to go there? Hopefully you’ll understand why by the time you’ve finished reading this.

Photo: Hurtigruten

Drake Passage

The 600-mile crossing is one of the roughest on earth, with waves surging up to heights of 40 feet. It’s considered one of the most treacherous voyages ships can make.


South Shetland Islands

One of the most popular sites in Antarctica. Popular with people, and popular with penguins. It was also utterly beautiful in a raw and rugged kind of way.


Deception Island

One of the best places to visit in Antarctica for its history and variety of experiences. The ring-shaped island offers a natural harbor with a narrow entry.


Baily Head

Famous for its huge penguin colonies. Baily Head also has a “penguin highway” – where thousands of penguins head downhill to the sea and thousands more waddle uphill to their nests.


Whaler’s Bay

One of the most haunting Antarctica landmarks on our trip. Some 40,000 whales were butchered in this small bay, more than 1 million whales all told were slaughtered in Antarctica.


Neko Harbor and Paradise Bay

Surrounded by high glaciers Paradise it was—a sea garden of surreal ice sculptures shaped like swans, lotus flowers, and cathedral arches.


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