What’s it Like to Swim With Dolphins in Cabo, Mexico?

Hands and legs outstretched in the “Superman” position, I tried not to do a face-plant as I bobbed unsteadily on the surface of the water. I was waiting for two dolphins to push me out of the water.

We were at Dolphin Discovery’s “dolphinarium” in a natural sea cove in the Puerto Los Cabos marina near San Jose Del Cabo, Mexico.

Dolphin Discovery is one of two programs where you can experience a dolphin swim in Cabo. They are popular activities in Cabo.

Dolphin swim in Cabo

Both dolphins in unison—each pushing on the arch of one foot—shot me along the water. Then I was up, up, up, and completely out.

Photo: Dolphin Discovery

Dolphin Discovery is the world’s largest “swim with dolphin” organization, with more than 20 dolphinariums in Mexico, the Caribbean and the U.S.

Dolphin Discovery Los Cabos

Photo: Dolphin Discovery

Royal Swim Plus

The Royal Swim Plus option, which I experienced, is the “cadillac” program, where the highlight is the “foot push.”

Photo: Dolphin Discovery

Dolphin Swim and Ride

The Swim and Ride includes the “belly ride” (holding on to the dolphin’s fins as he or she swims on its back) and the “boogie push” (lying on top of a boogie board while the dolphin pushes you).

Photo: Dolphin Discovery

Dolphin Encounter

In the Dolphin Encounter, you stand on a submerged platform in the water and kiss, hug, and pet a dolphin as you learn a little about dolphin behavior.

Photo: Dolphin Discovery

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Photo: Dolphin Discovery