The Perfect 14-Day Croatia Itinerary (Dalmatian Coast)

Our 14-day Croatia itinerary takes you to the major cities and most beautiful islands in the country’s southern region, the Dalmatian Coast.

We’re big on slow travel. And for us, that means focusing on one area and really delving into Croatia’s beaches, wineries, and old medieval towns in Dalmatia.

We’ve crafted the best Croatia itinerary for you if you’re looking to make the most of your time in this diverse region. So, let’s get going!

Dubrovnik – Days 1 to 2

You could easily spend more time wandering down the narrow alleys that shoot off Stradun, the main street. Each alley is lined with adorable cafés and tourist shops.

Walk the city walls

The stone walls were built between the 12th and 17th centuries to protect the city. As you meander on top of them, enjoy the bird’s eye views.

Climb up 102 steps through a cypress forest to St. Antun’s Church. Bring a picnic and a bottle of local wine and enjoy the quiet, peaceful hilltop.

Korcula – Days 3 to 5

An adorable uninhabited island, Badija is known for its 14th-century Franciscan Monastery, tame deer that love to be hand-fed and secluded pebble beaches.

Badija Island

Hvar – Days 6 to 9

From the harbor, follow the signs through the Old Town streets and up the stairs to the city’s old citadel. Once you get to the top, the views of Hvar and the Pakleni Islands are extraordinary.

Chill at Mlini Beach

A short 30-minute boat ride from Hvar, you’ll find the protected Pakleni Islands, known for their dazzling emerald waters.

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