Cool Tips to Spice Up Your Cruise

Some of these tips before going on a cruise might take a little extra planning.

But it’s worth it to come up with your own customized cruise trip that offers the travel pleasure and experiences you’re seeking.

Here they are, along with our own cruise hacks for how to improve your cruise.

Pack folding bicycles to pedal around each port

When our friends Louise and Keith go on a cruise, they take their own folding bicycles with them. And they cycle around each port they get off in.



Ask for an air deviation

Ramp up your nature-and-wildlife fix with a stay in an Amazon rainforest lodge afterward – think dugout canoe rides and neon-colored parrot displays.


Do two cruises on two different ships or even cruise lines

If eyeing a Western Europe ocean cruise that starts or ends in Venice, a river cruise on the Po River between Milan and Venice would give you much more of northern Italy.


Cruise hacks: Use an outside shore excursion booking agency

The cruise line will take care of you if the tour bus breaks down and your tour doesn’t make it back to the ship on time.

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